Senior Facilities Manager (Industrial)
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Singapore - Singapore
Responsibilities of the role include the following:

The Senior Facilities Manager (SFM) shall have multidisciplinary background and experience in planning, project management, technical and contract procurement skills and with a good knowledge of statutory requirements for building management and maintenance. The duties of the SFM shall include but not limited to the following:

  • Manage Main Contractor and liaise with client’s appointed Construction Team for the clearance of the defects and to compile and track all Main Contractor outstanding works, maintenance programs and FMC’s own sub-contractor maintenance program by using the appropriate software and spreadsheets. The SFM shall ensure all outstanding works from the main contractor are completed to the satisfaction of the SO rep;
  • Manage the emergency and ad-hoc repairs, breakdowns and trouble-shooting. Provide technical support and attendance where necessary and act as an Authorised Person. Managed and act as the co-ordination and point between the Main Contractor and the Construction Project Team;
  • Consolidate and provide technical reports or findings to the client’s appointed Construction Project team and SO;
  • Oversee the management of the Permit to Work systems;
  • Oversee the health and safety management. Ensure proper submission of all risk assessment reports by all sub-contractors, including those appointed by the Corporation, before the works are executed, proper filing of the reports and implement inspection and spot checks to ensure compliance to risk assessment by the sub-contractors;
  • Works management such as preparing monthly progress reports, certification of work completed to the required standard, issue and control of variation orders, etc.;
  • Carry out periodical and statutory inspections in an agreed format and manner with the SO and provision of management reports thereafter;
  • Manage customer service-related issues, ensure response and action items with customers (any tenants or members of public) are closed in a timely and professional manner;
  • Responsible for the office management functions, office support services and administrative support to the Corporation;
  • Any other work necessary for effective operations of the Property or as directed by the SO;
  • Prepare regular status reports in an acceptable format to the SO;
  • Manage and monitor he Main Contractor and its own appointed sub-contractors’ performance, and to ensure quality and the work flow to be in accordance to the SOPs and procedures set up for the Property;
  • Represent the Corporation to address any tenant issue that arises;
  • Function as the FMC’s lead in security management of the Property together with the security contractors appointed by the Corporation; and
  • Ensure the smooth-day-to-day FM operations.

Key Requirements:

The SFM should have the following qualifications and experience.

  • Minimum 8 years in an equivalent position with relevant working experience in similar property type as specified in this tender;
  • A Senior Fire Safety Manager (SFSM) certification with at least 3 years of SFSM experience;
  • Experience with taking over at least 3 new developments in the last 5 years in an equivalent position and proven management background; and
  • At least 3 years’ experience in providing integrated facilities management services with the Tenderer’s company;