Facilities Manager
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20-Tháng 5-2022
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GWS Segment
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London - England - United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
The Facilities  Manager is accountable for the operational management and delivery of all facilities, together with management services, delivered within a large and significant  area of responsibility.  
This includes overseeing and managing  customer interfaces; ensuring a high profile and positive image for the CBRE business. 
Also, key is the provision of a consistent high profile link with senior client management, and internal senior management, typically at director / board level. This is to ensure appropriate and responsive reaction to address and balance any and all client concerns with CBRE’s business strategy. 
This is an active and visible role requiring excellent customer relationships with senior client property team members, sound commercial / supplier management skills as well as entrepreneurial ability.

Provide operational leadership within the client account, in order to:
  • Lead the Integrated Facilities Team (IFT) in the delivery of operational FM solutions to the clients UK estate.
  • Understand Client, Business Unit requirement managing solutions and services to meet and exceed needs and contribute to customer objectives.
  • Manage excellent relationships with our client, our suppliers and other service partners.
  • Develop maximum profitable growth of the business through understanding client needs and maximizing the services delivered.
  • Ensure compliance with all statutory, SHE, security and relevant company and client policies generating a true health and safety culture.
  • Lead, recruit, develop and retain staff to delivery services in the most efficient and effective manner and achieve a “One Team” approach within the business.
  • Ensure that the Continuous Improvement Process is an integral part of service delivery increasingly adding value to both the business and our client.
  • As senior manager within the business, to be an ambassador and leader of the business.

Key Objectives:
  • To lead the Operational Team in the consistent delivery of operational FM solutions across a business unit or a large and complex area. 
  • Drive implementation of best practices across contracts by establishing performance metrics that promote excellence and best practices.
  • Interrogate performance metrics for existing contract.
  • Resolve significant contractual issues on existing contracts, acting to identify and mitigate actual and/or potential problems
  • Work with bid teams to support the operational strategy of our bids
  • Act as a role model for people management processes ensuring they are followed to clarify objectives, actively manage performance and develop skills.
  • Work with Commercial and Financial Directors to ensure that bids and contracts balance maximising profit with minimising risk.
  • To manage excellent relationships with clients, our suppliers and other partners.
  • Work with the safety team To champion compliance with all statutory, IMS, security and relevant company and client policies generating a true health and safety culture.
  • To lead, recruit, develop and retain staff to deliver services in the most efficient and effective manner. 
  • To set objectives for direct reports and renew bi-monthly.  
  • Ensure same approach and mechanisms for all staff within area of responsibility.
  • To ensure direct reports understand business strategy and customer requirements, operational and financial performance of the Company.
  • Lead the development of business wide initiatives including contract renewal strategy, contract management plan and customer improvement plan.
  • To lead excellent communications with and motivation for all staff.

Person Specification:
  • Significant Facilities Management experience within a business critical client environment
  • Experience within the Banking sector (Desirable)
  • Strong commercial and operational awareness
  • Aware of the trends in the market-place and seeks to deepen knowledge of industry issues and drivers
  • Significant track record of success in managing a business contract, Business Unit or region and/or providing support to a professional function
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