Facilities Coordinator temporary role
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Đã đăng
20-Tháng 11-2023
Đường dây dịch vụ
GWS Segment
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Ljubljana '- Ljubljana - Slovenia
Main responsibilities:

  • FM operation for client location
  • Comply with the company’s routines and procedures as described in the below work description and as will be directed to him/her by his/her managers.
  • Comply with the Company’s client procedures as will be directed by the client.
  • Immediately inform his/her manager of any fault or potential fault in his/her performance
  • Immediately inform his/her superiors of any issue that might prevent him/her from meeting the expectations and/or complying with the company procedures.

First contact for FM emergencies:
  • react immediately at the need.
  • activate Client departments.
  • activate support (vendor, CBRE, landlord, etc.)
  • manage events on-site.

Monitor vendors’ performance: 
  • define Service Level Agreement (SLA) to match the office’s needs.
  • monitor performances against SLA – the quality of service, and respect of scheduled, initiatives.
  • monitor costs against the market average and SLA.
  • define contract terms, and renegotiating with vendors.

Managing the FM supply flow for the office:
  • ordering FM related supplies
  • accepting delivery and checking quality, quantity and price
  • approving supplier invoice
  • conducting inquiries regarding mismatches

  • responsible for the cleanliness of the office
  • liaise with a cleaning company.
  • manage ongoing inventory of cleaning and hygiene material on site.

FM control and management:
  • define the scope of work.
  • monitor performance.
  • Assure training according to client and CBRE procedures, assure team follows client and CBRE procedures.
  • HR issues and needs when required.
  • Assure adequate replacement when needed.
  • Master the reception work, and maintain the reception area to ensure an impressive and professional appearance.
  • Accept, transfer and register all incoming calls, and register incoming mail.
  • Accept and register incoming deliveries.
  • Hospitality – provide support service to guests, booking rooms for meetings.

Maintenance – air conditioning, electrical systems, UPS, Fire, Detection, Fabrics (walls, windows, doors…), furniture
  • Proactive maintenance – carrying out the CBRE preventative maintenance annual plan for the site, local contact for liaising with the technical team, and participating in the think-tank for improving FM routines.
  • Reactive maintenance – react immediately at need, activate support (vendors, landlord, CBRE, etc), continuously seek to Improve prevention, arrange for repair of all equipment, control maintenance for air conditioning printers and copy machines, fax. Etc., manage the logbook for the handyman.

  • Reporting – submit periodic operational reports according to CBRE procedure, create and issue a monthly FM report, track and manage the KPI process, and open and close system cases.
  • FM budget – control and monitor site budget, BVA, participating in budgeting, reconciliation and financial processes according to CBRE procedures, reporting actual spending according to CBRE procedure.
  • Helps desk system – operates with agreed response times, and regular reporting.
  • Operational Handbook – ensure all team complies with the operational manual procedures, ensure compliance and keep up to date.
  • Space planning – local facilitator for tactical planning needs
  • Submitting Pos for all WPR needs (ongoing FM, projects, etc.)
  • In case of relocation or expansion projects, helping out the WPM and executing FM issues

Health, Safety and Security:
  • Act as client representative for both health, safety and security
  • ensure all client and CBRE health, safety and security procedures are carried out.
  • issue and record distribution of temporary client badges for Cisco staff (not visitors)

Landlord: contact facing the landlord for maintenance works, and ad-hoc needs, monitor the landlords’ performances, monitor, and manage utility costs (water, gas, electricity)

Tactical planning: updating WPR tactical planner about any changes in the office, like work type, functions change of a space or room.

Global WPR: updating the WPR web page of the site, mastering WPR routines

General: undertake any other duties, appropriate to the post, as directed by the regional FM or WPM, minor support to the office.

Main attributes of appropriate candidate

  • Maintenance & maintenance management skills
  • Procurement skills
  • Budget management skills
  • FM experience
  • Basic project management skills
  • English language – advanced level, Slovenian native level
  • Excellent accuracy and attention to detail  
  • Team player 
  • Strong organizational and communication skills 
  • min. high school diploma 

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