Bilingual Receptionist
ID Công việc
Đã đăng
10-Tháng 8-2022
Đường dây dịch vụ
GWS Segment
Loại vai trò
Bán thời gian
(Các) Địa điểm
Madrid - Madrid, Comunidad de - Spain


Client Service and quality standards:

 · To ensure that all preparation, set-up and services are completed efficiently to the agreed standards and time scale set within the Service Level Agreement and that rooms are cleared after every service reporting any faults in equipment.

· To ensure the correct procedures are adhered to with regard to the service of beverages and that the appropriate consumption sheets are filled accordingly.

 · To be customer focused at all times, by being visible during service, approachable and quick to exceed expectations in fulfilling customer needs.

· To ensure all equipment used during service is kept secure and

clean when not in use.

 · Carry out beverage and dry store stock takes as required

 · Ensure daily knowledge of the food to be served and all food and beverages to be served in line with the Service Level Agreement

· Complete tasks on daily work schedule within time allocated

· Prioritise to ensure important and urgent tasks are done within deadline

· Organise workspace efficiently

· Work effectively without supervision

· Take personal responsibility for quality and service standards at all times and actively seek ways to improve them

· Acknowledge and greet all customers and follow up on their requests

· Approach and complete tasks with enthusiasm

· To meet, great and serve guests in a discreet and professional manner in line with company standards

· To positively promote Client in both general conduct and standards of dress in line with the Service Level Agreement

· Co-operate and support others in the team

· To co-ordinate with the host in the running of events by liaising with the kitchen with regard to timings

onocimientos y habilidades: Conocimientos y habilidades: Alta Proactividad y focalizado cliente. Trabajo en equipo. Buena imagen, ética.

Carnés Profesionales (en caso de técnicos): 

Competencias e idiomas: Inglés Muy Alto

Informática Office – Nivel Alto

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