Property Manager cum Chief Engineer (Ha Noi)
Hanoi - Ha Noi - Viet Nam

I.     Main functions and tasks

    1. Management:
  • Receive the project handover from the Developer / Home Owner Committee or the Project Management Unit, Building Operation Management ... according to the scope of the Contract signed between CBRE and partner.
  • Interact with the Developer / Home Owner Committee and the Owner of the Apartment /customer (3rd party) to ensure the goals are met.
  • Coordinate with the relevant department to prepare, submit the Budget and control the approved budget periodically for operating costs and capital.
  • Implement the general regulations of the Company in the operation of the building. Building more relevant documents and work procedures to operate efficiently and appropriately Building Management.
  • Train for employees of Building Management to perform work in accordance with the prescribed standards and organize the management and control employees at the Building to ensure compliance with the Company / Building regulations and handle Customer requests in accordance with the quality of service standards at the Building.
  • Prepare all necessary legal notices. Propose and coordinate legal action as needed. Prepare records / documents for settlement and notify affected parties.
  • Supervise and inspect the work of the technical staff, ensure that the work is completed to meet the functions required by the Customer.
  • Recruit, train, guide and encourage the Technical team to carry out the operation safely and effectively. Plan for long-term control.
  • Organize regular meetings for employees of the Technical Department so that everyone can understand the company's policies on fire prevention, health, hygiene ...
  • Organize the implementation and compliance with the current rules and regulations as well as the Company's regulations related to electromechanical activities, construction, operation management at the Project and labor safety.
  • Control the budget for energy operation, maintenance and use to take measures to implement and regulate appropriate activities.
  • Make plan, maintenance schedule, division personnel and implementation of maintenance programs for air conditioning systems, electricity, fire protection and other systems have been installed in building range.
  • Closely supervise the implementation of safety rules when working.
    1. Operation control:
  • Respond to the needs of tenants and residents, ensure that employees of the Building Management such as engineering, fire protection, administration, customer service, security, parking, cleaning, landscape, spraying insects, swimming pools, ... effectively coordinate in providing services and solving problems promptly with customers on the basis of compliance with policies, procedures, regulations and definitions of the contract as well as CBRE's work ethic, culture and requirements.
  • Ensure periodic regular property inspection according to the list of delivery / equipment / consignment by the supplier. Recommend and/or approve alterations, maintenance and reconditioning as necessary.
  • Contract negotiation and supervise vendor services as required.
  • Perform marketing and rental, negotiate new leases / early termination contract (if necessary) and extension of the lease. Coordinate to support tenants in terms of procedures and conditions for moving-in / moving-out. Provide information necessary for the Customer to make a decision.
  • Prepare and deliver timely, accurate and complete reports as required.
  • Plan / control, proactively regulate / forecast the monthly management plan and resource preparation, ensure meeting relevant service / budget requirements and appropriately explaining the differences.
  • Control the Collection of Management Fees and related service charges. Evaluate and compare the restoration fee of the Common Area (depending on the scope of responsibility in the Management Contract).
  • Perform other duties according to the scope of authority, responsibility and assignment.

II.   Required Knowledge and Skills:

·         Intermediate to advanced skills with Microsoft Office Suite

·         Presentation skills, direct / written communication, good negotiation skills.

·         Ability to analyze, quantify, solve problems well.

·         Good judgment.

·         Able to calculate and analyze data related to Engineering, with basic financial knowledge.

·         Ability to read, analyze and interpret Technical documents in English.

·         Ability to organize, solve problems well, handle many Projects and make decisions.

·         Ability to operate BMS and BAC systems.

·         Good physical health (can stoop, stand, climb).

·         Knowledge of bidding.

·         Knowledge of information security

III.   Qualifications and Education

  • Graduated University with Engineering.
  • Having related certificates in electricity, mechanics, refrigeration, control, generators,