Communication Supervisor - 杨浦
GWS Segment
Shanghai - Shanghai - China
Job Responsibilities: 
  • Support the communication plans for WD+C key programs and projects in Greater China (and possible AP) i.e. Masterplan, Beijing, Project Forerunner, etc.
  • Maintain the GCHQ Communications strategy and outlook of all campus events in partnership with business, gain alignment beforehand with IWS lead.
  • Co-create one integrated campus activation communications platform (e.g. WD+C WeChat and workplace website), cross functional alignment with WD+C, HR, Categories, Sports Marketing, Community impact to increase value to employees.
  • Align with Global WD+C Comms on Client’s Comms DNA/culture, and immerse oneself in Client’s world to act upon communicating the Client way (i.e. font, template, verbiage, etc.)
  • Make the consistency of GEO Sustainability Program communications strategy and ensure global alignment
  • Regular touch base with local Communications (CBRE) to build a communications plan and yearly calendar; review GEOs communications plan and content development (e.g., newsletters, reports, etc.) for message consistency
  • Set up a regular touch base and integration with GC Corporate Communications team, bring and apply best practices to the GEO
  • Design communications assets for GC IWS (e.g., in-line with all services such as food, fitness, M+E, facilities, etc.)
  • Support the development of communications-related programs with local Communications (e.g., Campus Tour/Storytelling program)
  • Partner with CBRE and Client’s Tier 2 partner to deliver upon one integrated seamless communications roll-out, and provide guidance and coaching for the client way

Job Requirements:
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills in both Chinese and English.
Problem solving:
  • Able to confidently work through problems and find solutions.
  • Displays the ability to work in a team. Shares information and is prepared to assist colleagues when necessary in order to deliver a task or project
Desire to learn:
  • Displays a willingness and enthusiasm to learn and be guided by Senior Developers and stays up to date with the latest industry information
Qualifications and Education:
  • Media and Communication is preferred.