EOI- Mailroom Manager/ Supervisor
Administrativt, Eiendomsforvaltning
Hong Kong - Hong Kong
Job Summary
To manage and control the following centralized functions / areas of the Bank in Hong Kong, ensuring that services are delivered by either internal staff or vendors in the most efficient and cost effective manner, and in compliance with the agreed service levels and quality standards.
Correspondence Section
Outsourced Mailroom Service management
Local Courier vendor management
Invoice Scanning

  • To manage and control the efficient and accurate distribution of inward / outward mails, domestic / overseas mails to departments and branches
  • To exercise control over the cost of postage, courier services, and the subsequent allocation to users.
  • To manage the performance of contracted vendors to ensure that their service and quality standards are in compliance with the agreed level, such as local courier services. 
  • To retain and develop staff in the department to meet the service and quality demand of internal customers.
  • To develop a culture which continually challenge the status quo to optimise the use of resources
  • To manage the invoice scanning staff administration and performance.
  • To plan and co-ordinate Business Continuity Plan to sustain service delivery.