Working Capital Manager
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GWS Segment
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Madrid - Madrid, Comunidad de - Spain
Job Porpose: 

This role sits within the Global Workplace Solutions (GWS) division of CBRE.

The Working Capital Programme (WCP) is a key supplier partnership programme for CBRE, delivering value to our suppliers and CBRE by improving the cashflow for our suppliers. This role is responsible for the reporting, calculation, and management of our WCP in line with our Standard Operating Procedures. The role ensures that WCP is collected in a timely manner to minimise aged debt risks, and maximises opportunities in process and efficiency where possible.

Key task:

· Review the latest list of Green and Red clients for WCP accruals and collections

· Review the WCP matrix for any new or amended PSA details including payment terms for WCP accruals and collections

· Calculate WCP accrual using the standard Controllership template in line with Standard Operating Procedure for all ERPs

· Agree WCP amounts to TM1 reporting package to Group

· Maintain evidence of documentation, reports and review for SOX/internal control purposes

· Prepare and upload final WCP Accrual calculator to SharePoint for distribution to Supply Chain and Business Finance

· Manage any changes on the WCP accrual communicated by Supply Chain, such as amendments to the WCP matrix.

· Prepare WCP supplier Collection Evidence report in line with the WCP accrual to be reviewed with Supply Chain before sending to suppliers

· Lead the P2P or R2R process on WCP collection, including raising any Purchase Orders and sales invoices

· Monitor and manage paid on time supplier invoices, to ensure CBRE meets agreed payment terms

· Communicate WCP evidence and amount to be collected to each supplier on a quarterly basis, including detailed invoice spend data

· Monitor the Supplier dispute process with supply chain

· Communicate with internal stakeholders and external stakeholders for the correct methods for invoices to be processed successfully for payment on time

· Reconcile any WCP receipts booked in each ERP against the accrual calculator

· Track WCP aged debt and raise any overdue WCP to Supply Chain for resolution

· Report Paid on Time, WCP Yield, Client Impact and Spend volume to Business Finance and Supply Chain on a monthly basis

Support in WCP Planning and Forecasting including any Risks and Opportunities on aged WCP balances.

Success Measures

· Credit notes, purchase orders and invoices are raised correctly and timely

· Suppliers are supported with their queries through to resolution

· Aged debt is efficiently managed, with debts over 180+ days minimised

· Improve WCP process where possible, including utilising opportunities for timely supplier invoice settlement

Person Specification

· ACA or ACCA or equivalent fully qualified accountant

· Demonstrable aptitude for business process improvement (mandatory)

· Experience of preparing reports for key stakeholders (mandatory)

· Language skills to include professional level English and Spanish

· Excellent IT skills, particularly Excel

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