Sr Property Condition Assessor
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The purpose of this position is to write and review assessment reports, manage, and lead staff who are responsible for property condition assessment and consulting services with direct accountability for project delivery. 

The Senior FCA Project Manager – Energy Engineer leads and performs physical facility condition assessments (FCA) for a variety of clients, including State and Federal agencies, and corporate companies. A Senior Project Manager also prepares Property Condition Reports (PCR) in accordance with the ASTM Standard E2018, The Standard Guide for Property Condition Assessments: Baseline Property Condition Assessment Process, complete with estimated costs to remedy the physical deficiencies observed by a professional in architecture, engineering, or construction management.

This Senior Project Manager will be responsible for supporting our facility consulting services which includes performing facility condition assessment (FCA) surveys and ASHRAE Level I, II and III Energy Audits.

A successful candidate will be personable, a very strong communicator and team player. Additionally, they will have a strong work ethic, and a good sense of humor to help them navigate the challenges surrounding a project while keeping morale high.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities to conduct client facing on-site inspections for FCA surveys and Energy Audits:

  • Conduct a walk-through survey of the accessible and visible major building systems and equipment (mechanical, electrical, and plumbing).
  • Provide photographic documentation of site and building features and document observations.
  • Determine and identify system type, condition, remaining useful life and significant physical deficiencies of MEP building systems and equipment based on visual inspection.
  • Diagnose the opportunities for energy and water savings in the building and develop calculators to quantify the savings from addressing them.
  • Perform utility allowance studies, Statement of Energy Performance, and other benchmarking calculations for various properties.
  • Provide energy benchmarking, carbon benchmarking, developing strategies for helping clients go Net-zero as well providing sustainability consulting under the realm of ESG reporting for non-government clients.
  • Provide recommendations and planning level cost estimates for MEP building systems and equipment repair or replacement for inclusion in the capital budget plan and energy audit.
  • Conduct interviews with the owner (or their on-site representative), tenants, service providers, local government agencies, and other individuals knowledgeable about the subject property and its systems.
  • Review repair/improvement costs incurred by tenants/ownership along with the following documents.
  • Review pertinent property records as furnished by Client and/or property contact. 


Job Requirements:

  • Possess the ability to use and skillfully operate a computer is essential to this position.
  • Possess the ability to use and skillfully operate an electronic tablet efficiently in the field for live data collection is essential to this position.
  • Meet or exceed performance objectives for productivity and report quality.
  • Maintain project-by-project communication on programs with Program managers and report reviewers and keeps them informed of any actual or potential problems including continuing updates of when reports will be e-mailed/shipped to production.
  • Potential to grow leadership capabilities via technical guidance, project management, and/or training to coworkers. May coordinate and assign tasks to co-workers within a work unit and/or project.
  • Climb ladders (including vertical ladders up multiple stories) and/or steep attached stairs to a roof (for each building assessed, at least once per on-site assessment).
  • Successfully work from remote location.
  • Have the ability to travel, on average, approximately 50% of time to client sites across the U.S. via plane and driving as determined based on the project location.
  • Preferably located in Atlanta, Georgia.


Qualifications and Experience

  • Bachelor’s degree (BA/BS) in engineering or construction management.
  • Five years commercial building evaluation and/or energy survey with a general understanding of all MEP building systems.

Certificates and/or Licenses         

  • Certification as a Professional Engineer is preferred but not required

NOTE: An additional requirement for this role is the ability to comply with COVID-19 health and safety protocols, including COVID-19 vaccination proof and/or rigorous testing.