QHSE Manager, North Asia
직무 ID
서비스 라인
GWS Segment
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Hong Kong - Hong Kong

Purpose of the Job

1.    Implement the GWS Local & DCS QHSE strategy and QHSE improvement plan developed in Region to enable world class operational delivery. Striving to add value and drive continual improvement to plans, programmes and management systems.

  • Drive QHSE engagement across all AGM’s and Contract Managers within the Division (fully supported by your Business Unit Director (BUD), their Operational & Functional leadership teams and the Regional QHSE Director. Establish grow and develop the risk champions network accordingly to support this.
  • Manage and deliver the QHSE compliance and assurance programme within the Business Unit to ensure that CBRE’ integrated QHSE risk management system is in place and effectively managing QHSE risks.
    • Highlighting and escalating accordingly where QHSE issues are not being adequately controlled our opportunities for improvement are identified.
    • Support operations in the event of accidents / incidents in the investigation, root cause analysis and lesson learning processes within in the business.
  • Co-ordinate new contract transition and mobilisation activities to ensure minimum state of readiness and QHSE risk controls are in place for the protection of people and assets
  • Deliver and co-ordinate QHSE training sessions to drive the CBRE QHSE ‘down-stream’ operational delivery model, where operational QHSE is delivered by the Contract leadership at each location / Project.

Key Responsibilities

  •       Drive the Regional QHSE improvement plan into the Business Unit embedding CBRE’s downstream QHSE accountability model.

  • Oversee a QHSE training programme for CBRE’s compulsory basic training in QHSE and risk management and support the delivery of new training programmes and locally required training in line with local laws and regulations.
  • Support the evolution of CBRE’s QHSE management system through emergence of best practices, audit trends, incident learnings, industry events and similar.

  • Support the Regional QHSE Director in the preparation of monthly, quarterly QHSE compliance and assurance reports, providing insight into operational strengths and weakness and identifying opportunities for improvement and action areas for colleagues across the business.
  • Providing a co-ordinating and support role to the business in relation to any external auditing plans for Business Unit, for example:
    • Client audits; and,
    • CBRE’s global ISO certification programme as it applies to the DCS APAC Business
  • Monitor and provide oversight of the contracts within the Business Unit’s QHSE Risks on their Risk Registers (e.g. in Quantum) escalate risks and issues (including gaps in the development of risk mitigation actions) to the Business Unit Director and or the Regional QHSE Director as appropriate.
  • Support, where necessary and required, CBRE GWS DCS in relation to Crisis Management & Business Continuity Planning activities (real events, testing or exercises) in the context of ensuring the health, safety and welfare and environmental compliance is maintained. Examples include, but are not limited to:
    • Major Accidents and incidents
    • Significant quality non-conformances that may result in service interruption (outages / unplanned downtime) and loss of revenues, contracts or reputational damage
    • Geographical / Political issues (e.g. Natural disasters, terrorist attacks, global health events, etc.)

  • Support and assess new business opportunities (business development – including out of scope / projects, etc.) risk evaluation by examining those that include “Amber or Red scope work”, diligently and competently. Any issues being escalated to Business Unit Director and or the Regional QHSE Director
  • Support the QHSE aspects of new business through solutions development, participation in presentations and consultation meetings, bid and contract generation and review and to support mobilisation and resourcing activities on new contracts and projects as required.
  • To assist as necessary with reviews of existing Policies, Procedures, Risk Assessments and Safe Systems of Work including an appraisal of how these are implemented in the workplace.
  • Provide support to the Division through coaching, training, guiding on QHSE techniques, processes and ways of working (for example, proactive campaigning; change management, auditing, accident investigation).
  • To bring to the attention of the Regional QHSE Director, APAC, any hazards or risks not addressed in the Company Safety Policy.


  • The role will report to the DCS QHSE Director APAC
  • There will be an operational alignment to the Business Unit Director (BU North) DCS.

Person Specification

Education       [Essential]      A good general education and a formal management qualification in Quality, Health & Safety and Environmental management. Practical application of auditing and membership of a relevant professional body.

                        [Desirable]     Formal management or leadership qualifications /    training. Formal qualifications in areas of ‘engineering’ i.e. electrical or electronics and or FM.


Training          [Essential]    Incumbents must demonstrate a career showing continuous personal development in the related field of QHSE.


Experience       [Essential]         Specialist and strategic higher managerial experience in Health, Safety, Quality, and Environmental Management. A practical and demonstrable knowledge of liaising with enforcement agency / insurers and Senior Management Groups.

Practical experience must include;

Risk Management strategy development and implementation

Best Value analysis of QHSE resource support provision

Monitoring / Analysis of management system performance

Development, implementation and deployment of management systems, policy and process.

Environmental risk and ‘resource’ evaluation / management

Positively articulate QHSE through presentation – the ability to engage the audience

Event investigation & analysis to drive improvements

Development and delivery of QHSE training.

[Desirable]       Working knowledge of the facilities management sector

                         Managerial experience

                         Operating in a matrix management organisation.