Fabric technician
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Guildford - England - United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Fabric Technician

Location: Surrey

Job Purpose:

The purpose of the role is:

CBRE Global Workplace Solutions is a leading global provider of integrated facilities and corporate

real estate management. We are recruiting a Fabric Technician to join the team. The successful

candidate will be responsible for ensuring the effective provision of proactive & reactive Building

Fabric Services to the contract in an efficient and courteous manner, with a strong focus on

customer care.

Key Tasks:

To deliver the following:

· Complete planned preventative maintenance checks

· Complete reactive repair tasks

· Inspect/repair floor, walls and ceiling coverings.

· Inspect /repair free standing and fitted furniture.

· Inspect/clear drainage and gully systems.

· Inspect/replace luminaries.

· Inspect/repair doors, windows and associated furniture.

· Painting and re-decorating

· Assist engineering staff in a wide range of duties as required

· General site services; to include, sweeping and tidying.

· Undertake any tasks as designated by the Contract Manager or representative · Maintain various records and documentation (Maintenance, Reports, Health & Safety and Quality). · Contractual responsibility to ensure delivery of services.

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