EOI - Platform Project Manager
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The responsibilities of a Project Manager/Associate Manager/Coordinator/Administrator are to assist the Director(s) of CBRE Project Management Team to coordinate and manage the activity of Consultants, Contractors and Suppliers appointed in connection with office expansion, contraction and relocation projects.



  1. Plan the implementation of building construction/office fit out projects.
  2. Provide day to day project management on several simultaneously executed projects.
  3. Assist the Director(s) of CBRE Project Management in implementing the project management procedures consistently.
  4. Review and report the progress of projects implementation to the Director(s) of CBRE Project Management.



  1. The Management of Project Scope
    • Define the projects’ scope with Director(s) of CBRE Project Management for the clients.
    • Develop a work breakdown structure based on the scope of works.


  1. The Management of Project Costs
    • Track expenditure and the cost of variations against the Plan.
    • Reconcile actual expenditure with the Plan


  1. The Management of the Project Program
    • Plan the implementation of all work required to deliver the project.
    • Assist in monitoring, controlling, and reporting project progress.


  1. The Management of Project Quality
    • Apply quality assurance procedures to the CBRE Project Management activities
    • Monitor and report Consultants, Contractors & Suppliers conformance to design criteria, specifications, legislative requirements etc.


  1. The Management of the CBRE Project Team
    • Define roles and responsibilities within the project team
    • Ensure Consultants, Contractors and Suppliers apply sufficient resources to the project


  1. The Procurement of Project Resources
    • Tender or otherwise obtain quotations from Consultants, Contractors and Suppliers for each element of the works.
    • Prepare tender reports and negotiate Contracts.


  1. Contract Administration
    • Ensuring that contracted parties execute their works in accordance with their respective Contracts.
    • Assess, negotiate, obtain Employer approval, and implement project variations and/or Contractors claims.
    • Verify invoices submitted by Consultants, Contractors or Suppliers.


  • Certified licenses of interior construction management or interior design is preferred
  • A degree in Building Surveying, Facility Management and Project Management
  • Minimum of five years’ experience in the management of building construction consultancy.
  • Familiar with Project Management tools such as Microsoft Project and a generally high level of computer literacy.
  • Ability to work proactively and to coordinate multiple resources on multiple projects across a large geographical area.
  • Excellent written, verbal, and interpersonal communication skills.
  • Excellent organizational and leadership skills.

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