EMEA Engineering Lead
직무 ID
서비스 라인
GWS Segment
역할 유형
London - England - United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Plans, implements, coordinates and manages all mechanical operations, maintenance, communications, energy management, and manpower development programs for portfolio of buildings in EMEA Region. 
The role will be directly accountable for shaping and influencing the strategic plans to deliver best in class FM Technical and Engineering Operations on client dedicated account.


Technical Governance. 
  • Provide an oversight and support on key functions for Compliance, Incident Management, Risk Management, continuous improvement and the processes in place. 

FM Engineering Operations. 
  • Ensure that hard services delivery has correct organisational model in place, job plans and asset lists maintained in the system and implemented on site, vendor management is robust, and shutdowns are managed correctly. Responds to emergency situations, assists in operations and maintenance issues, troubleshooting and problem solving as required.

Technical Integrations and Engineering Strategy. 
  • Drive the function to superior outcomes in operations by ensuring the people, process and systems fit together including integration of data, CMMS, EMEA operations and . Deliver clients a CBRE integrated strategy using the best-in-class knowledge from the EA FM Excellence functions and workstreams.
  • Responsible for the Engineering team, the role will have 4/5 direct reports, developing a team of strong technical ‘champions’ who are able to support each other.

  • Manages all facets of inspections and surveys, including audits and analysis, HVAC, electrical and plumbing systems, environmental compliance, accessibility compliance, acquisition and third-party surveys.
  • Supervises and reviews all technical operations to include system air balancing reports, boiler, chiller and cooling tower performance testing; mechanical and electrical system noise and vibration control, tenant work orders, CFC chiller replacement and conversions.
  • Develops and provides for ongoing improvement of preventive maintenance and engineering procedures, hazardous materials communications plan, indoor air quality programs, preventive maintenance programs, budget operating costs estimates and comparisons.
  • Oversees implementation of programs to ensure compliance with life safety programs and procedures, domestic water quality control and water treatment programs to include environmental and safety compliance.
  • Designs and develops construction management including HVAC system comparisons and make appropriate recommendations to include HVAC systems and start up monitoring.
  • Assist with due diligence and building evaluations for possible acquisitions or development projects..
  • Evaluates and recommends building automation, energy management and automatic temperature control systems.
  • Perform value-engineering studies and evaluate contractor qualifications and recommendations.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.

  • Extensive experience within M&E services, related to critical assets and environments, experience that covers operational delivery and supply partner engagement and influence.
  • Experience of working within Data Centre / Critical Environments.
  • Experience of setting up, operating, and optimising a technical service /engineering delivery model.
  • Enthusiastic and confident professional with diligence in safe working methods both for CBRE staff and building occupiers.
  • Highly customer focused, with exceptional Customer Relationship Management experience.
  • Experience of managing, training and developing staff
  • Experience of managing M&E services related to critical assets and environment 
  • Experience of managing engineering projects
  • Experience of managing budgets and sub-contractors
  • Advanced computer skills, particularly with the MS Office package
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