Senior Accounting Manager
מזהה משרה
קו שירות
Advisory Segment
סוג עבודה
משרה מלאה
תחומי התעניינות
הנהלת חשבונות/פינאקנה
Amsterdam '- Noord-Holland - Netherlands

We are looking for a Senior Accounting Manager for our Investment Accounting team in the Netherlands. As a Senior Accounting Manager for CBRE Investment Accounting and Reporting Solutions (“CBRE IA&R”), you will work in an ambitious and growing environment fully focused on real estate. In this role you will be part of the team and you will be responsible for coordinating and leading a team of professionals and stakeholders, providing guidance in supporting complex queries related to VAT, CIT and Dutch GAAP/IFRS. You will be responsible for the growth, optimization and efficiency of the Investment Accounting team.

You will report directly to the Senior Director of Investment Oversight.


Within CBRE IA&R, you will be challenged to develop yourself, to extend your knowledge and skills, be pro-active and creative and to further improve and professionalize diverse processes within the company.

The main tasks of you and the Investment Accounting team mainly consists of:

  • Prepare income statements, balance sheets and various other accounting statements or financial reports of Holding and Property companies
  • Analyse and monitor the financial reports of the SPV entities
  • Examine financial statements and documents for conformance with GAAP
  • Create and complete financial and management reports for clients/investors and other stakeholders
  • Prepare liquidity forecasts and responsible for daily cash management
  • Read and interpreted contracts, legal documents, and other agreements. Ability to record complex business transactions in the general ledger
  • Responsible for local tax and accounting compliance: preparation and coordination of annual accounts, monthly/quarterly VAT statements, annual tax returns, coordination of external advisors, e.g. tax advisors and auditors.
  • Intercompany coordination
  • Onboarding new clients in our fast growing company
  • Constantly seeking to optimization in processes

What are we looking for?

  • Bachelor/Master degree in business administration, accounting or an equivalent
  • Chartered Accountant designation preferred
  • At least seven years of experience in a fund accounting position, of which at least two years of experience in management a team
  • Experience in accounting for Real Estate funds, Holding Companies, SPVs etc. is an advantage
  • Knowledge of relevant laws and regulations, such as VAT, CIT, Dutch GAAP and IFRS
  • Process minded – a very important part of this job is to optimize the working processes
  • Strong analytical skills and well-developed judgement
  • Pragmatic and solution-oriented attitude
  • Actively engaged and committed to the collective work of the team and taking leadership to ensure team goals are met
  • Excellent Dutch and English verbal and written communication skill