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Administrative Assistant @ Ubi Crescent
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The purpose of this position is to provide assistance to the facility management team to ensure a  timely and accurate processes without compromising on the quality of service.


  • Administer the Work Order system :
    • to ensure work orders are generated and dispatched to respective parties
    • creates and assigning of work order to technicians
    • visual check for accuracy of data entry in the work order
    • to ensure that assets are loaded properly and generated
    • keeping track of all the assets and their schedule run
    • editing of client’s location in the system
    • updating of work order summary
    • liaison with support team on user ID and any problem solving
    • check on those open work orders with the appropriate technician and ensure that they are closed timely
    • conduct training for new technician on the use of this application on their mobile phone
    • any other matters related to this Work Order system
  • Raise purchase order request and ensure purchase order is raised timely
  • Maintains files on work orders, proposals, and department files. Creates vendor files and checks accuracy on completed paperwork submitted by vendors. 
  • Processes invoices and ensures proper cost center coding. 
  • Onboarding of new vendors
  • Adhoc site backfill as per client request
  • Any other duties as assigned from time to time


  • Excellent written and communication skills. 
  • Strong organisational and analytical skills with the ability to work under a fast-paced environment with datelines
  • Comfortable with numbers