Sr Software Engineer - II
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Digital & Technology/Information Technology
Greater Noida - Uttar Pradesh - India, Gurgaon - Haryana - India, Hyderabad - Telangana - India, Noida - Uttar Pradesh - India

Job Description

CBRE believes that interactive 3D visualization will change the way commercial real estate gets done. At the core of our technology is BlocksGL, our in-house WebGL physically-based rendering (PBR) engine. BlocksGL produces high-quality 3D experiences in the browser using techniques such as temporal anti-aliasing, dynamic exposure, scalable ambient obscurance, occlusion culling, and order-independent transparency.

We are looking for a Graphics Engineer who is excited about researching, implementing, and optimizing real-time graphics techniques for WebGL. You would work closely with other engineers as well as our 3d production team to make BlocksGL high-quality, performant, and artist-friendly.


  • Investigate and implement cutting-edge graphics techniques suited to visualizing a wide variety of existing and planned architectural spaces
  • Collaborate with our 3D production team to create a powerful, flexible authoring workflow
  • Ensure wide support of our engine on different platforms and devices so that all users can have a 3D experience
  • Expand support for scenes with millions of triangles, thousands of objects, spanning large areas of space
  • Develop frameworks for measuring performance and pinpointing bottlenecks
  • Come up with ways to improve the reach and quality of our real-time experience with data generated in our distributed cloud rendering cluster
  • Improve internal code structure through refactoring, thoughtful code review, writing tests, and addressing technical debt
  • Identify, log, and fix bugs
  • Share technical knowledge with other team members, collaborate on tasks, and give appropriate feedback
  • Requirements:
  • Smart and productive; self-motivated and curious; crafty and driven
  • Interested in building a friendly, collaborative, and transparent work environment
  • Bachelor's degree in a related field or equivalent work experience
  • Minimum of 5-8 years of relevant experience required 

o   WegGL 

o   GLSL Shader programming 

o   PBR approaches 


  • Bachelor's or Masters (Preferred) degree (BA/BS) in a related field such as information systems, mathematics, or computer science or equivalent work experience. 
  • Requires technical and business knowledge in multiple disciplines/processes.
  • Typically has 2-3 years of relevant work experience. 
  • Consideration given to equivalent combination of education and experience

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills. Strong organizational and analytical skills.
  • Ability to provide efficient, timely, reliable, and courteous service to customers. Ability to effectively present information.


  • Ability to comprehend, analyze, and interpret complex documents. Ability to solve problems involving several options in situations. Requires advanced analytical and quantitative skills.