Technical Manager (Tseung Kwan O)
GWS Segment
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Hong Kong - Hong Kong

Purpose Of The Job

To lead World-Class Data Center’s technical matters of the power and cooling infrastructure, in both critical environment and facilities management. To assist the ritical facilities manager to manage and develop a professional and technical relationship with the client to create a positive customer experience. To deliver a technical performance level which achieves and beats the KPI’s and SLA’s set down in the client contract. To lead, motivate and develop the site team’s technical competence and ensure that the culture and standards on the site are consistent with the culture and standards established by CBRE in the data center business.  To audit and monitor the on-site operations team’s performance in system uptime reliability and to develop efficiencies and innovations that benefit the client and CBRE. 


Providing leadership, management, and development of the contract, ensuring technical and operational commitments are met and exceeded.

This role is responsible for all strategic and tactical aspects of the Data Center Critical Environment and Facilities Management operations including, but not limited to, electrical, mechanical, control and monitoring, fire protection systems, FM and CERM processes.

Key Responsibilities

·       Provision of technical leadership and guidance, advice, coaching and direct support, where required to deliver best practice, training, assessment, improvement of the critical infrastructure and FM.

·       Deliver effective communication through technical advice, review, leadership and direct contribution to management and team meetings, briefings, consultation forums, correspondence, publicity, monthly and ad-hoc reporting and other publications, as appropriate.

·       Create a learning environment on the site by providing the appropriate technical training and development planning for each member of CBRE staff. Ensure basic training needs are delivered, employees are fully competent to undertake their roles, and are able to reach their full future potential.

·       Talent manage technical staff to ensure an appropriate training plan and career progression is identified.

·       Ensure that across the 2 services we provide for the client at the site (CE and FM) that effective and efficient systems are in place to: Plan the technical work ahead, manage the work daily on the ground, communicate the technical issues around the work to the key stakeholders and measure our performance at completing technical work on time and the performance of our staff.

·       Effectively co-lead technical and engineering related activities including regular technical review meetings; development of operational procedures; providing technical services of the highest standards.

·       Be responsible for the day-to-day management of the Data Centre Critical Environment – High Voltage Operations team.

·       Plan, organize, the 52-week maintenance activities for each fixed electrical installation of High Voltage and Low Voltage, including the liaison with client/end-users for the time scheudling.  Produce SOP, MOP, EOP and command team to dry-run, implement the procedures.  Prepare activity and other statistical information and reports as requested by client. To provide input into regular management reports and Budget submissions and reviews.

·       Act as the point of contact during significant events or multi-discipline technical escalations occurring within the specified sites.  In charge of change management, incident management and root cause analysis as far as technical and engineering topics are concerned.

·       As necessary, participate in any business continuity plans the team may be involved in.

·       Ensure data center operations and CBRE business policies and processes including CERM processes are complied with at your sites i.e. effectively communicated, implemented and adhered to within the contract.

·       Ensure the provision of healthy and safe working conditions and that both clients and CBRE health and safety policy’s and process is effectively implemented across both CBRE and subcontractors activities, and are regularly reviewed.

·       Ensure optimum technical staffing structures operate across contracts, balancing cost reduction with the delivery of service excellence and equipment reliability and availability. Ensure structures to technically support peaks and troughs in workload, and disaster recovery.

·       Ensure technical post holders are fully competent, and that effective succession planning arrangements are in place, monitoring staff retention rates and ensuring staff training & development plans are produced and implemented.

·       Ensure all absence is fully covered by suitably trained and experienced technical staff to ensure full 24/7 coverage.

·       Ensure appropriate control systems are in place to ensure statutory, policy and contractual commitments are met.

·       Ensure a customer focus within all areas of operational activities, and that effective relationships are maintained with key client contacts. Ensuring contractually agreed SLA’s and KPI’s within the Scope of Works (SOW) are met and necessary record retention demonstrating adherence.

·       Plan and schedule all High Voltage maintenance subcontractors works and repairs. Ensure all accounts and documentation associated with these subcontractors is current and up to date on a monthly basis.

·       Ensure all HV subcontractors deliver a quality and competent service and that all contractual obligations are met.

·       Reach out to and liaise with global peers to ensure consistency across the accounts and compliance with client standards and best practice. 

·       Manage and deliver HV and LV repairs and minor project works, as required.

·       Promote and maintaining the core Values of CBRE.

·       Develop effective working relationship with all members of CBRE staff and the Client representatives.

·       Ensure the professional technical image of CBRE is presented to clients and visitors at all times.

·       Assist the CFM to provide client and internal technical presentations via board room meeting format with the aid of suitable visual aids (e.g. PowerPoint).

·       Manage other tasks as directed by the CFM and the senior management team.


·       Reporting directly to the CFM.  Indirectly reporting to Account Manager / Area General Manager / Business Unit Leader or Critical Facilities Director.

·       Responsibility to the CBRE functional heads, QHSE Head, Reliability Head as appropriate.

·       Maintains close working relationships with key client representatives.

·       Reporting directly to this position are all HV members of the FM and Critical Environment Operations teams.

·       Responsible for all HV sub-contractors utilised on the contract.

·       Indirect financial responsibility for the P&L, budgetary forecasting and financial management for the sites the CFM is responsible for.


  • Registered Electrical Worker Grade B0, H0 or above
  • Degree holder Electrical Engineering or Building Services Engineering
  • 10 years or above solid experience in Data Center engineering and operations, HV
  • Hands on experience in HV WR2 planning and switching execution
  • Planning and scheduling Data Center operations and maintenance
  • Knowledgeable in DC critical infrastructure design principles and applications
  • SOP, MOP, EOP preparation, dry-running, implementation
  • Team management experience in large MNC culture and working environment
  • Strong in statutory requirements and processes related to facilities management