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トランザクションマネージャー_ポートフォリオサービス - 東京 | Transaction Manager, Portfolio Services - Tokyo

23 wards , Japan

Ref#: 24267

Date published: 2-Dec-2019

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Job Summary 

Provides ongoing management of real estate transaction activities for a complex portfolio of properties on behalf of our corporate clients. Prepares, recommends, and implements a portfolio-wide transaction strategy for acquiring and disposing of real estate properties. Coordinates field resources and other stakeholders in the execution of lease renewals, new site acquisitions, disposition of surplus space through subleasing, sale renewals, early lease termination, and more.

Essential duties and responsibilities 

Transaction Management
  • Act as a single point of accountability and program manage all transaction services in region ensuring that all services and reporting are delivered to required standard.
  • Implements real estate plans with an understanding of the client's strategic real estate goals. Assists with project initiation and scope definition, prioritization of assignments, and adherence to client-driven priorities, commitments, and milestones.
  • Coordinates field broker selection and other required resources, subject matter experts, and business partners. Ensure that the right calibre and skill set are deployed on each project, whether from Service Provider Company or third-party Best-in-Class (BIC) sub-contractors.
  • Initiate all transactions assignments in a standard manner, with the Account Management Team working alongside the appropriate regional and, where required, local client teams.
  • Be responsible and accountable for the delivery of in country transactions delivery team, whether service provider office or third-party BIC broker.
  • Ensure client’s policies and standards relating to real estate transactions are adhered to on individual transaction assignments.
  • Drive consistency of processes and delivery of transaction services.
  • During negotiations, support client’s legal advisors who will oversee client’s legal position.
  • Develop, maintain and deploy consistent financial analysis/feasibility models/tools that will enable client to understand and reach a suitable decision.
  • Prior to execution of transaction, ensure that the appropriate approvals have been sought via the business approval process.
  • Co-ordinate the execution and delivery of legal documentation, as required.
  • Ensure agreed elements of project close out are input to client system (including KPI scores where relevant),
  • Ensure submission of any new legal documentation to the lease abstraction process.
  • Conduct client customer satisfaction survey at every completion of each transaction.
Portfolio Management

  • Provide annual portfolio opportunity assessment, covering both the leased andowned portfolio, evaluating opportunities: to take advantage of lease options/rights, changing market conditions and/or consolidation opportunities; to optimise flexibility;to reduce/contain costs and/or realise value.
  • Proactively review an 18-month horizon of critical dates on a monthly basis to identify opportunities which support client’s objectives and ensure all dates are acted on in a timely manner.
  • Undertake transaction related strategic analysis to inform the business case, including developing strategic options and completing financial and qualitative analysis of options.
  • Provide oversight & analysis of client’s ‘portfolio’ of serviced offices in the region to inform and advise client’s on the ongoing cost effectiveness of current solutionsversus alternative options.
  • Develop and review client ownership strategy - work with client’s on lease vs.buy/own vs. build strategies to determine which yields the best cost structure in each market and situation.

Bachelor's degree in real estate, business or related field. 5+ years applicable industry tenure or similar combination of education and experience
Ability to create rapport with clients of diverse background and respond effectively to the most sensitive issues.
Ability to make effective and persuasive presentations on complex topics to employees, clients, top management and/or public groups. Ability to motivate and negotiate effectively with key employees, top management, and client groups to take desired action.
Ability to solve problems and deal with a variety of options in complex situations.
Bilingual (fluency in Japanese and English)