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Technician - GuiAn

Guiyang , Mainland China

Ref#: 20012370

Date published: 9-May-2020

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l  Responsible for the 7*24 shift work under the leadership of the team leader, and carried out the daily inspection and monitoring of the equipment in the machine room according to the specifications; Handle events and common faults according to procedures and operating specifications;

l  Good at discovering hidden dangers and defects of equipment during patrol inspection to ensure that the equipment under its jurisdiction is always in a good running state;

l  Carry out the cleaning and sanitation work in the responsibility area, and keep the indoor equipment and environment clean;

l  Carefully make the on-duty record and inspection record, earnestly implement the shift transfer system, and actively cooperate with other teams;

l  Operation and maintenance operation manual, inspection manual and related technical documents;

l  Complete all tasks assigned by the superior, take the initiative in work and be able to work under certain pressure;

l  Responsible for coordinating and arranging customer service requests