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Senior Transaction Manager Industrial-AMAZON

Madrid , Spain

Ref#: 9677249095

Date published: 24-Sep-2020

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• Maintain strict client confidentiality at all times
• Receive Requirement Brief from Transaction Manager (TM)
• Properly investigate, disclose and track all Conflicts of Interest (throughout project duration)
• Disclose any potential Conflicts of Interest to the TM when they occur
• Develop Program timeline with TM for completion of transaction stage gates to ensure successful delivery
• Provide extensive Long List options to meet Business requirements and sense check with TM.  Provide collateral materials (kmz file, brochures, maps etc).  Ensure all down selected long list recommendations made to AMZ are inspected by Brokerage, prior to recommendation
• Attend weekly site selection calls when requested
• Secure signing of fully compliant NDAs
• Provide information and input to TM’s for Shortlisting documents:
• White Papers
• Site Scoring Matrices (for Core only)
• Coordinate property tours and accompany AMZ, armed with actual knowledge and oversight of site, neighbors, local amenities, access etc. Liaise with Launch, Construction, Project Management, Health and Safety, LP, IT, Security.
• Manage RFP / lease term negotiation process – accountability for “Best Value” (commercial terms and non-commercial terms) for AMZ.  Make recommendation for a final preferred option
• Provide local market knowledge to support justification for final preferred option, including market rent comparables for both existing building deals (rents) and Build to Suit deals (land values, Developer Fees, Developer Yields/Cap Rates)
• Prepare supporting Financial analyses as required (calculation of NER, Cashflow and P&L analyses etc.)
• Understand AMZ standard lease term requirements, negotiate on behalf of AMZ for an optimum position with preferred option, documented in written non-binding Heads of Terms (as per the guidance and training received from AMZ). Brokers should use CBRE TM as point of contact during the negotiation and ensure that negotiated Heads of Terms are reviewed by the CBRE TM before they get passed on to AMZ.
• Provide assistance to AMZ legal counsel throughout lease negotiation and documentation of final Contracts.
• Assist with scheduling and attending project manager site inspections where required
• Coordinate with other CBRE or third-party personnel in the performance of their duties, ensure integrated approach for successful transaction delivery (e.g. Capital Markets, Valuation, TDD, Project Management)
• Provide information for non-project related (but transaction related) AMZ requirements (i.e EU 250k search, Quarterly Market Updates etc.)
• Assist AMZ TM on preparing all the necessary document to get AMZ internal approval on preferred site (CAR, CRA, WPs, etc)
• Request all DD information requested from the landlord/developer.