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Senior Transaction Manager-Amazon

Madrid , Spain

Ref#: 9677247676

Date published: 28-Feb-2020

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CBRE/AMZ Account – UK Transaction Manager Job Description
UK Transaction Manager Scope of Service
• Broker Agnostic approach (outsourced by Amazon RE to collaborate with CBRE and other Brokers)
• Lead RFP/Procurement of alternative Brokers
• Lead Broker On-Boarding
• Lead weekly Project Activity calls
• Attend weekly Business calls with AMZ RE (Core, Sort Centre, AMZL, other non core)
• Track and record lease signings and activity in CBRE's "Transact" database
• Provide "Real Time" P&Ls (actual and forecast) to AMZ RE - Revenue and Rebate
• Conduct transaction Financial Analysis (Core Transactions only)
• Lead transaction analysis & present recommendations to Amazon RE (manage Local Broker and Capital Markets) (Core Transactions only)
• Lead site Long List process
• Lead site Short List process
• Lead preparation of White Papers (Core)
• Coordinate inspections • Lead preparation of RE section of AMZL White Papers
• Due Diligence summaries
• Strategic Advice
• Delegated Authority for Heads of Terms
• Coordinate inspections
• Peak Parking Tracker
• Attendance
Benefit to Amazon

Operate as a true outsourced function to AMZ, managing transactions where delivered CBRE brokers or external brokers, to ensure absolute consistency of process across the EU region
TM will review a local market, request that leading local brokers complete Capability Statements and provide evidence of Track Records, and make recommendations for on- boarding brokerage for Amazon's decision
Lead the on-boarding of brokers in new markets and manage broker's understanding of Amazon briefs, processes and templates (Long Lists, Open Book appraisals, Comparable Sheets, Heads of Terms, RFPs)
Lead Weekly touch point on all project activity, ensuring coordination of all stakeholders, with follow up minutes and actions.  Central Team coordinate with brokers to ensure delivery of actions
Join (where required) Amazon's Business focused weekly calls to support Amazon RE and ensure complete management of transaction program including business decisions taken (White Papers and site selection, CAR approvals)
Track all individual transaction stage gates and general activity, from project start (PIN) through Long List, Short List, RFP, Head of Terms, Lease Execution and Completion
Track all individual transaction lease signing dates, fees and billing dates to provide Amazon with EU level reporting on activity and P&L (fees plus AMZ Rebate)
Run NPV analysis across all individual Core transactions lead internal analysis of all individual Core transactions, coordinating with local broker for local market input and Capital Markets for cross-border investment analysis.  
Lead the presentation to Amazon of analysis, and strategic recommendations for improving Amazon's position
First point of contact to take Amazon instructions on search requirements, communicate brief to brokers and manage delivery process ensuring consistency and adherence to timeline
Manage broker's approach to shortlisting, providing clear recommendations to Amazon for shortlisted sites.
To include continual updating of new sites sent through to Amazon, where Amazon may or may not have an active requirement.   
Once properties are shortlisted, ensure AMZ is sent CAD plans, planning permission, any environmental studies that have been undertaken, asbestos surveys, current electricity gas accounts.
Lead the development of De-selection and Recommendation White Papers, managing the development of Papers by engaging with broker, Amazon RE, & Amazon Labour Analysis
Lead the development of comparable evidence sheets and also develop the “Real Estate” sections of AMZL White Papers, for business case submission
Summarize due diligence reports for the approval tool for approvals.
Provide strategic advice throughout the negotiation process, engage with capital markets team for advice regarding yields and investment advice
TM will be provided with Delegated Authority to instruct brokers to negotiate Head of Terms documents
Liaise with Launch, Construction, Project Management, Health and Safety, LP, IT, Security
Ensure Peak Parking tracker is “real time” accurate to include legal instruction forms to AMZL general counsel.
Be onsite in LHR16 with AMZ on Mondays, plus one other day per week (with the intention for this to increase to 3 days per week after 1 month in role.