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Senior Facility Officer-广州番禺

Guangzhou , Mainland China

Ref#: 20005303

Date published: 14-Feb-2020

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- Prepare the site execution plan and conduct site day to day Training Service and FM service based on the understanding of SOW and site operation requirement根据对SOW和现场操作要求的了解,制定现场执行计划并进行现场日常培训服务和FM服务

- Manage Site vendor & subcontract, including cleaning service/ indoor & outdoor service/pest control service/catering service etc.; make sure all these services above requirement of service standard


- Lead service satisfaction survey and supervise continue improvement activities in operation领导服务满意度调查并监督运营中的持续改进活动

- Communication with event owner, provide proper event support according to requirement of event owner与活动所有者沟通,根据活动所有者的要求提供适当的活动支持

- Make a Periodic liaison with end-user, implement escalation & response time as required与最终用户进行定期联络,根据需要实施升级和响应时间

- Site cost & inventory management including preparation, updating and monitoring场地成本和库存管理,包括准备,更新和监控

- Prepare periodic operation & training service reports as required根据需要准备定期的操作和培训服务报告

- Record and submit PO, including routine work and project, monthly supply information to finance department for cost reimbursement . 记录并提交采购订单,包括日常工作和项目,每月供应信息到财务部门,偿还成本。

- Information collection and transfer regular including: /contact list/ tracking/other temporary information collection and update. 定期收集信息,包括/联系人列表/跟踪/其他临时信息的收集和更新

- Collect Invoice from vendors, supply payment request for payment从供应商处收集发票,提供付款要求

- Perform other assignments as requested by Facility manager   根据