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Mechanical Engineer-乌兰察布

Wulanchabu , Mainland China

Ref#: 9677247158

Date published: 16-Jan-2020

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1.Act as “owners advocate” for start-up and Mechanical/Controls/HVAC commissioning activities
2.Attendance at Start-up Meetings 
3.Attendance at Integration Meetings 
4.Attendance at and sign off of Controls/HVAC SATs and IST procedures 
5.O&M Reviews and Sign off 
6.Develop Vendor Training Programme in conjunction with the Transition Team Supervisor/ ME 
7.Snagging/defect reporting
8.Development of detailed asset lists for upload to CMMS 
9.Development of detailed emergency, maintenance, and drill procedures (in conjunction with the Engineering Team)
10.Manage the interface works to  limit the disruptive effect on the operational team, allowing them to focus on day to day activities and to continue to manage the operational and maintenance activities in the live facility. 


1)The candidate will have an in-depth knowledge of Mechanical/Controls and HVAC/mechanical operational plant and equipment, and the installed systems. 
2)A fully verifiable trade or engineering qualification in one or more mechanical/controls/BMS commissioning/HVAC engineering disciplines and verifiable additional training that is relevant to the proposed environment. 
3)5 or more years’ experience at operational or commissioning Technician level in a critical environment.
4)An excellent understanding and experience of the Controls and mechanical systems used in a data centre environment, including: BMS, EPMS, Generators, Fuel Systems, Chillers, Air handling units, CRAC units, Fire Alarm systems, and Fire Suppression systems. 
5)Experience of complex building automated control systems, including building management system (BMS) commissioning, programmable logic controllers (PLC’s) electrical power monitoring systems (EPMS), and their integration with the data centre infrastructure. 
6)Experience of HVAC and AHU equipment and cooling systems in controlled and critical environments. 
7)Strong oral and written communication skills, with the ability to communicate intelligently and effectively with client and with contractors who perform maintenance or upgrade work on the data centre systems.
8)Computer literate with the ability to compile and submit regular reports and develop procedural documentation and presentations. 
9)The ability to learn quickly and to gain maximum benefit from extensive training and development programmes aimed at ensuring that any identified knowledge or experience deficiencies are addressed in the short term.