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Lead Technician - (FCU Maintenance) Taguig

Makati , Philippines

Ref#: 21003266

Date published: 2-Feb-2021

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Key Responsibilities
  • The Lead Technician shall report to Technical Services (TS) Account Lead and Site Facility Manager (FM).
  • Responsible for the schedule, deployment and well-being of his team of  Maintenance Technicians in coordination with TS and Site FM.
  • Implement and improve the 52-week maintenance program in coordination with TS Maintenance Planner and Site FM.
  • Supervise his team and when needed, be part of the group conducting equipment repair and maintenance works.
  • Review all activity reports, recommendations, and findings from his team before submitting it to Site FM.
  • Submit service reports, certificates of completion, corrective action reports and any other reports that may be required by TS or FM.
  • Attend regular meetings and performance reviews with TS and FM to ensure maintenance excellence. 
Other Responsibilities : 

  • To effectively carry-out operation and maintenance activities for a 100% utilization facilities equipment and facilities maintained production equipment.
  • Responsible for maintenance, repair and service of all site and company facilities and equipment including maintenance of all plant records and logbooks
  • Performs operational, preventive maintenance tasks and corrective work as instructed and in accordance with written orders
  • Performs task independently and safely within the established man-hour budget 
  • Monitors contractors engaged by the company for specialized maintenance work 
  • Assists in the implementation of quality assurance programs 
  • Conducts user training in required field
  • Performs minor corrective civil repairs
  • Complies with company rules and regulations and adheres to company standards.
  • Assist his supervisor in the execution and completion of assigned tasks
  • Helps the supervisor in the scheduling of maintenance works, preparation of tools and materials and manpower distribution
  • Recommend ideas to improve working condition, speed-up repairs, reduce downtime and lower overhead costs
  • Establishes good rapport with his co-technicians and other employees he is dealing with
  • Inspects equipment’s and maintenance cards and sees to it that recording is done religiously
  • Assists in determining the cost of repair, preparations / withdrawal of spares, materials and tools
  • Observes general maintenance practices and safety procedures
  • Minimize production downtime through proper basic engineering approach and timely maintenance scheduling
  • Reports abnormalities notice while making the regular tour-of-duty
  • Participates actively in the Safety and Fire Protection Program of the company. 
  • Performs other duties as assigned 
Qualifications and Education:
  • Graduate of Engineering or Technical Degree (electrical or refrigeration and air-conditioning)
  • NCII Certified
  •  years’ Experience in field of maintenance (semiconductor experience is advantage) 
  • Proficient with Microsoft Office application 
  • Willing to work on a 6-day work schedule, with rotating shift, depending on business needs
  • Willing to be assigned at Taguig and to travel in any parts of Metro Manila depending on business needs