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Guest Relationship Host - 陆家嘴

Shanghai , Mainland China

Ref#: 19044107

Date published: 9-Dec-2019

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1.1 Employee engagement, query Management and resolution                                                 

·     Meet and greet employees, clients and visitors, & provide assistance based on their needs      

·     Handle & administer general enquirers from business users, ensuring prompt, effective resolution.                                                                      

·     Provide personal follow up on the proactive work orders and enquirer from business users.    

·     Pro-actively seek and engage with end users to encourage participation in the customer survey.                                                                                       


1.2 Workplace Facilities Inspection and Floor Walks                                    

·     Perform regular and frequent inspections of the floors owned by the GRH, including the meeting rooms, focusing on cleanliness, tidiness and everything being in good order.           

·     Pro-actively report and record any faults identified with furniture, fixtures & equipment to the Facilities Help desk, and follow up as necessary to ensure prompt resolution.              

·     Oversee resolution of issues identified with phones in collaboration areas and meeting rooms.                                                                                        


1.3 Stewardship of Workplace Behavior – Flexible Working                        

·     Proactive stewardship of workplace behavior via floor walks observing workplace behavior along with corrective reminders and appropriate escalation ( to FM or workplace team) of any persisting issues.                                                               

·     Ensure different space types are used as intended and develop communication to rectify and educate as required (direct communication when the relationship with end user is built, communication through FM team in more complex situations)                                  

·     To check if daily Security sweeps in a flexible working environment area has been performed daily. Ensure that any equipment/personal items retained by Security can be quickly identified and returned to the owner.    


1.4 Locker Management – Flexible Working                                

·     Manage interaction with the business on all matters related to locker usage where FM, not the business, manage allocation lockers to individuals.                                     

·     This may include locker allocation & usage, locker releases / clearing, locker audits and day to day issues such as forgotten keys / pin codes.