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General Manager - London

London , United Kingdom

Ref#: 9677248788

Date published: 11-Aug-2020

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Job Title: General Manager
Reports to: Senior Facilities Manager/Operations Director

Role Purpose: Optimise the commercial viability and performance of the property through the implementation of quality operational and fiscal management, marketing, customer care and management of risk. Contribute to the asset performance through the implementation of specific objectives and initiatives set out in the asset and business plans.

Key Responsibilities

? Operational Management of the Estate facilities services, overseeing day-to-day operations, assigning weekly performance goals and assuring their completion, while accomplishing your own goals
? Building client and tenant relationships and assist with ensuring that all tenants have a soft landing
? Day to day management for all fit out works on behalf of the Client
? Liaising with the Clients Construction team to understand the changing environment of the estate
? Liaising with the Clients residential management team to ensure smooth running across the estate
? Conduct regular performance reviews with the team, to include setting and reviewing of objectives and development plans. Where relevant, ensure performance management process is implemented in a timely manner.
? Maintain project timelines to ensure tasks are accomplished on time
? Identify and implement plans to ensure the development of the team, including succession planning and training activities.
? Recruit and select employees to ensure that the team structure and capability meets current and future needs and the achievement of budget and business plan targets.
? Ensure employees work productively and develop professionally, through assessment of skillsets.
? Ensure adherence to policies, processes and procedures across the property.
? To assist with the transition of each new building and be part of the sectional completion process

? Manage and operate the property as a commercial business venture in accordance with the agreed Asset strategy.
? Create and implement a business plan and strategic direction in line with the Clients’ overall business objectives.
? To develop and maintain a positive image of the Estate in its location, ensuring that it has an image to match the Asset Management Strategy
? Implement and support where necessary agreed Brand values.
? To implement and develop a premier properties approach to the management of the property
? To implement and develop with the supply partners a premier properties approach to the management of the property.
? To implement recommendations from customer feedback provided through the premier properties annual customer survey.
? Explore opportunities to enable the Centre to provide superior service to occupiers’ e.g. consistent and visible level of occupier liaison.
? Explore and generate new business opportunities/channels within the market place to ensure an increase in the commercial performance of the property.
? Maintain an up to date knowledge and awareness of market practices and legislation affecting centre management, adopting a proactive approach to changing market conditions.
? Ensure surveying colleagues are appraised of requests for tenant alternations, approving as appropriate, tenant applications for minor alterations and ensuring all works are carried out in accordance with the consent granted.
? Oversee the delivery of an agreed marketing strategy and liaising with the tenants/merchants associations as required.
? Regularly monitor and report on competition activity within the catchment area affecting the Centre including reviewing any significant planning applications submitted to the local planning authority.
? Encourage maximum positive local press and media coverage through the management of good press relations and acting as the local spokesperson, as required.
? Participate in and influence local community matters for the benefit of the Centre through local chambers of trade and other relevant bodies.
? Inform surveying colleagues of any matters regarding the local/regional economy, transportation and planning issues that may affect the Centre.
? To be responsible for the drafting, control and reporting of service charge budget and expenditure for the site(s) in accordance with the agreed KPIs and RICS Service Charge Code.

? To tender and place contracts for services relating to the site(s) and manage appointed contracts against agreed KPI’s. Ensure procurement is carried out in line with company policy.
? To monitor all activities relating to the site(s), reporting and taking action as appropriate
? Conduct regular inspections of the building fabric and take appropriate action when required
? To work with key stakeholders and external consultants in ensuring a maintenance and repair programme is in place
? To compile and maintain records relating to the site(s); e.g. asset register, plans, plant testing, etc., taking any action which may be required
? To be responsible for Health and Safety compliance on site, and the maintenance of records and the Meridian system
? To be responsible for Environmental management on site, in compliance with CBREMS/client policies
? Be aware of, and ensure compliance with, CBRE’s Sustainability standards and set and implement an appropriate strategy for the Centre for environmental and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) obligations.
? Maintain and review as necessary, the Centre Disaster Recovery and Major Incident Management Plan, ensuring occupiers and team are fully briefed on evacuation and emergency procedures and, in the event of a major incident occurring, to comply with relevant internal procedures.
? To liaise with local authorities as appropriate

Quality Control
? To nurture and develop an effective working relationship with the tenants and ensure operational queries raised by them are dealt with efficiently 
? To management and maintain compliance to the planning requirements for the Estate and reduce any risks to the client
? To chair where relevant tenant meetings, and to participate accordingly, both individual and group
? To proactively manage risk and deal with insurance issues on site
? To ensure the property achieves the KPIs set by the client, in conjunction with other stakeholders 
? Prepare regular reports for the client and CBRE Senior Management
? To manage major work programmes on site, acting as the liaison point for all parties involved
? To produce regular reports to operational team as required