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GWS | Enterprise - Japan FM BTO (Bid-Transition-Operate) [GWS TOM]

Tokyo , Japan

Ref#: 9677248873

Date published: 24-Aug-2020

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Purpose of the role: To ensure our business strategy is translated into operational excellence for Enterprise Accounts in Japan

Individual accountabilities
  • Standardise and provide tools to ensure seamless delivery across soft services and technical services so our clients experience a fully integrated delivery.
  • Bid support for all new client business development and client expansions for Enterprise Accounts within Japan
  • Business simplification to drive cost out of the business and reduce friction for talent and customers
  • Creation and communication of platform value proposition
  • Innovation and best practice creation and sharing
  • Create predictive analytics on soft-services to provide valuable insight for business
  • Lead ah-hoc projects and initiatives as and when required
  • Ensure smooth hand off from bid to transition to operations – you are responsible for ensuring the account team is set up for success 
  • Ensure Operational Excellence including global consistency in processes & procedures  
Cooperation Requirements:

You > Others
  • Always converse with the business 
  • Do not create a business within a business
  • Be completely flexible and support whenever needed
  • Mentor and coach key leaders and be able to provide an alternative angle
  • Reduce friction as much as possible
  • Hold myself and the function completely accountable to the business
Others > You
  • Involve me and my function/platform team
  • Ask my views and give constant feedback
  • Publicly support BTO function work
  • Involve function/platform team in growth agendas
  • Hide nothing
  • Provide the complete picture. 
  • Share ideas for innovation
  • Identify client needs and opportunities
Essential Leadership Behaviours:
  • Be 100% committed to the cause and stay completely focused your own and the organisations goals
  • Have the highest levels of creative and solution-based thinking
  • Be a starter and finisher – quickly and efficiently 
  • Be a trusted adviser and confidant, know your product and the value your product brings to our clients and our business
  • Be target driven and never run out of energy 
  • Deep and wide understanding of the business and a continual learner
  • Honesty, Transparency and integrity always. Own your mistakes and your successes 
Parameters for Success:

Key Metrics / Financial Targets
  • Platform – financial management of the platform operations, ensure cost to revenue/SOP ratios are within targets
  • Growth - YoY SOP with positive operating leverage
  • Competitiveness - >75% SOP won vs pursued; Keep >95% SOP for existing clients
  • CBRE bid Win Rates
  • Transition Success (Budget attainment, deliverable completion, client & internal stakeholder satisfaction)
  • Speed to transformation (% new client spend with preferred suppliers, CBRE tools & processes implemented, optimised, innovation implemented) 
Key Capabilities
  • All SME”s need to be SME’s as well as exceptional leaders – Leadership first
  • High levels of diversity and geographical working to ensure we get the complete picture
  • Extreme levels of collaboration and comfortable with operating in a matrix environment
  • Able to balance business management that combines aggressive savings goals with realistic and risk-mitigated plans that deliver on-time and on-budget
  • Both Japanese and English ability are required
Organisational requirements for success
  • Determination on EA platform, shared platform or LA servicing based upon geographical coverage required.
  • Transparency, support and communication from Division and business leads
  • Performance plans / compensation will be globally consistent while factoring in regional/country differences as appropriate. Bonus plans will ensure alignment and collaboration across Division.
Decision Rights:

  • Operational performance
  • Soft Services performance
  • Security performance 
  • Success of ad-hoc projects
  • Tangible top and bottom line contribution of BTO function 
  • Key talent
  • Major CAPEX/OPEX
  • Client strategy
  • Business strategy
  • Growth of top and bottom line
  • Outside of the BTO function veto rights are limited for good reason. BTO role is to offer guidance and views, but ultimate decision is made by the business. Once decision is made then BTO gets 100% behind it like it was his / her own