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Food & Fitness Lead

Shanghai , Mainland China

Ref#: 20027029

Date published: 12-Nov-2020

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This position is responsible to serve as the primary client contact to design and deliver a wellness strategy and its initiatives for an account. You will develop and oversee all operating and administrative policies and develop procedures aligned with the client's business needs, goals and objectives.

Key Tasks

Creates program, resource guides and training materials for implementation and operations, including client and company brand compliance.

Partners with technology partners to develop or customise tools as needed to support program objectives.

Maintain accuracy and relevance of resources over time.

Conducts listening exercises to better understand employee needs. 

Develops performance indicators, rhythm of business and methodology for performance management and continuous improvement.

Develops or advises in the development of resources and materials needed to facilitate change management associated with programs.

Remains informed about developments within the industry and networked within company subject matter experts to bring world class solutions to bear for the client.

Collaborates with company and client IT teams to assess of technology, training needs and implementation of program(s), training and tools for teams and clients.

Collaborates with client to assess needs and sets priorities for service delivery.

Utilises and maintains integrity of databases and other digital tools associated with service delivery, as requested. 

Health & Wellbeing Specific:

Work within the client employee engagement framework to define a strategy for health and wellbeing in APAC

Provide support for employees to help them make healthy lifestyle choices through:

o Seminars

o App and online content

o Activating partnerships with best-in-class partners to ensure facilities, equipment and fitness suppliers deliver a robust ecosystem of health

o Physical activities (classes, challenges, gamification)

Working with team for Fitness & Health contracts to assist with capital and AOP forecasting and potential contract partnership optimisation

Lever industry best practices and trends to innovate solutions

Leverage the Host APAC Partnerships team to source:

o Credible and certified nutritionists and dieticians and certified instructors

o Contribute to the regional integrated employee strategy in support of the Senior Director of Experiences and the greater team

o Produce guidelines and tip sheets for other client teams to ensure that health & wellbeing is incorporated into many aspects of the employees’ working life – inspire them to make sport a daily habit

Food & Beverage Specific:

Primarily, the role is designed to ensure that all food & beverage initiatives are aligned to the overarching Wellness strategy. Including, but not limited to: 

o Partner with GEO Leaders to support food options (personalised to the local environment and culture)

o F&B menu and provider planning

o End-to-end event design, planning, consulting and management (engage with celebrity chefs, live music, curated foods, promotional giveaways, floral and decor)

o Vendor contract negotiations and management

o Conference room management

o Cafeteria and cafes 

Qualifications and Education:

HS Diploma or GED required. Bachelor's degree (BA/BS) in Biology/Nutrition/Physical Therapy or other relevant vocational training preferred. A hospitality mindset, with key experience in fitness, wellness and the sports industry. Needs to understand the client business drivers and culture.

Communication Skills

A master communicator with the ability to comprehend, analyse, and interpret the most complex business documents.

Ability to respond effectively to the most sensitive issues.

Ability to write reports, manuals, speeches and articles using distinctive style.

Ability to make effective and persuasive presentations on complex topics to employees, clients, top management and/or public groups.

Financial Knowledge

Requires in-depth knowledge of financial terms and principles.

Ability to calculate complex figures.

Ability to forecast and prepare budgets.