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Fleet Admin

Shanghai , Mainland China

Ref#: 20012985

Date published: 15-May-2020

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The purpose of the role is:

Fleet and PR/GR administrator. As regional Fleet Administrator you will have to assists in the administration and coordination of the organization's fleet of motor vehicles of our client at regional level. Maintains accurate records of vehicles (with Innosys, web based software) create PR and GR using Microsoft Excel and SAP. Being a Fleet Administrator ensures compliance with government rules and regulations and files paperwork in support of this compliance as needed.

Becoming a successful fleet and PR/GR administrator requires a robust combination of education, experience, skills, and knowledge.

Duties & Responsibilities

-          Fleet related tasks

o   Recordkeeping.

o   Resolve disputes.

o   PR template completion

o   PR Creation

o   PR approval (CC owners)

o   Determine Short/Long term contract

o   Enter contract information in Innosys (status in progress)

o   Perform updates on PR template

o   Perform updates on PR (ECC)

o   PR Updates approval

o   Update Innosys with Extension information (in progress)

o   Changes in Innosys (re-deploy, extension etc.)

o   Early Termination in Innosys

-          FREM spending PR/PO and cost tracking

o   Understand the account commercial model and track/record the FREM spending in an organized manner

o   Proceed PR/PO/GR by following client internal process.

o   Provide the report in a regular basis upon the requirement

-          Support Alliance Director with collecting, reporting, documentation tasks

-          Other tasks that manage assigned.