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Fire PreventionTechnician-乌兰察布

Inner Mongolia , Mainland China

Ref#: 20012374

Date published: 7-May-2020

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1.Have a good command of working principles and operating rules of fire control system;
2.Timely grasp and deal with the operation status, alarm, fault and other information of fire facilities, immediately make corresponding disposal, make detailed records and report according to the requirements;

3.Skilled operation of centralized fire alarm controller, fire control linkage controller and graphic
display device;

4.Have a good command of the emergency procedures for fire accidents in the fire control room,
 and can carry out fire fighting and rescue work according to the procedures in case of fire;

5.Fill in the daily work records of the fire control room;

6.Properly use and keep the equipment and articles in the fire control room, take full responsibility for the equipment and articles used during the shift, and check and register the types, quantity and integrity of the articles during the shift;

7.It is strictly prohibited to operate any fire control system without permission, and any operation must be carried out under the condition of double verification;

8.Be responsible for the daily maintenance and supervision of the on-site fire protection system, follow up and solve the fire safety problems, and contact the suppliers to deal with them in time to ensure the safety of the system Integrity and validity;

9.Responsible for the daily management of the files in the fire control room.


1.College degree or above;
2.Fire fighting, weak current and other related majors, with 4 years or above fire fighting experience; fire fighting veterans preferred;
3.Proficient in using electronic Office tools, word, excel, powerpoint, etc.
熟练使用Office办公工具,word, excel, powerpoint等;
4.Hold intermediate fire facility operator or building (structure) firefighter certificate;