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Fire Prevention Technician-消防技术员-贵安

Guiyang , Mainland China

Ref#: 20012376

Date published: 8-May-2020

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1.Have a good command of working principles and operating rules of fire control system; 熟练掌握消防系统工作原理和操作规程; 

2.Timely grasp and deal with the operation status, alarm, fault and other information of fire facilities, immediately make corresponding disposal, make detailed records and report according to the requirements; 及时掌握和处理消防设施运行状况、报警、故障等信息,立即作出相应处置,做好详细记录并按要求上报; 

3.Skilled operation of centralized fire alarm controller, fire control linkage controller and graphic display device; 熟练操作集中火灾报警控制器、消防联动控制器和图形显示装置; 

4.Have a good command of the emergency procedures for fire accidents in the fire control room, and can carry out fire fighting and rescue work according to the procedures in case of fire; 熟练掌握《消防控制室火灾事故紧急处理程序》,火灾情况下能够按照程序开展灭火救援工作; 

5.Fill in the daily work records of the fire control room; 做好消控室日常工作记录填写; 

6.Properly use and keep the equipment and articles in the fire control room, take full responsibility for the equipment and articles used during the shift, and check and register the types, quantity and integrity of the articles during the shift; 正确使用和保管消防控制室设备及物品,当班时对所使用的设备及物品负全部责任,交接班时应对物品的 种类、数量、完好程度进行检查登记; 

7.It is strictly prohibited to operate any fire control system without permission, and any operation must be carried out under the condition of double verification; 未经允许严禁擅自操作任何消防系统,任何操作都必须双人核实情况下进行; 

8.Be responsible for the daily maintenance and supervision of the on-site fire protection system, follow up and solve the fire safety problems, and contact the suppliers to deal with them in time to ensure the safety of the system Integrity and validity; 负责现场消防系统的日常维护监管,跟踪和解决消防安全问题,及时联系供应商进行处理,确保系统的 完整性、有效性; 

9.Responsible for the daily management of the files in the fire control room; 负责消控室档案资料日常管理;

Required Knowledge and Skills:

1.College degree or above; 专科以上学历; 

2.Fire fighting, weak current and other related majors, with 4 years or above fire fighting experience; fire fighting veterans preferred; 消防、弱电等相关专业,具有4年及以上消防工作经验;消防退伍官兵优先; 

3.Proficient in using electronic Office tools, word, excel, powerpoint, etc. 熟练使用Office办公工具,word, excel, powerpoint等; 

4.Hold intermediate fire facility operator or building (structure) firefighter certificate; 持有中级《消防设施操作员》或《建(构)筑物消防员》证书;

5.Proficient in English reading and writing; 熟练掌握英语读、写能力。