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Fire Prevention Technician - 消防技术员

guian , Mainland China

Ref#: 9677247195

Date published: 16-Jan-2020

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  • Fire-fighting system equipment and facilities management.


  • Responsible for the formulation and implementation of the routine operation spot inspection of site fire protection system. Collect and organize the preventive maintenance check form, and upload the system maintenance result to the management system in time.


  • Be responsible for the daily maintenance supervision of Boeing's on-site fire protection system, and maintain the integrity and effectiveness of the system.


  • Responsible for contacting, managing and evaluating relevant suppliers, and evaluating the services provided by them. Suggest improvements to the system on a regular basis.


  • Responsible for tracking and solving all problems of fire protection system in Boeing site, contacting suppliers in time and dealing with relevant problems within the time allowed by customers.