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Facility Officer - 静安

Shanghai , Mainland China

Ref#: 20024562

Date published: 15-Oct-2020

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  1. – Collaborate closely with CM for direction. Attend regular 1:1 sessions, weekly meeting and other reports as assigned by manager. Provide comprehensive coverage in reporting to ensure effective decision-making process.
  2. backup to reception if there is any leave for ambassadors, actively join the reception training courses, and offering high quality reception service for phone answering, guests receiving when work at reception. Work as a full-time ambassador during the time Molly is pregnant.
  3. provide support to each department activities, such as AV support, table, chairs deployment. Company activities, townhall events, large activity such as annual dinner, client appreciation event support, onsite facilities, equipment deployment and preparing, backup for company chop management, support for department chopping request based on company regulation.
  4. including but not limited to admin vendor registration, contract signing, contracts annual renewal such as company car leasing contract, china Unicom, china telecom contract etc. Monthly cost allocation and coding processing in finance system, such as office leasing fee, BMO/LL fee, company car monthly leasing fee, stationary, business card, flower, Pantry supplies, printer room supplies etc. Ensure a timely payment arrangement for all the admin transactions, and correct record for all our admin finance data.
  5. Fully responsible for Meeting Room Service Management, to ensure a high-quality service for the daily meeting room tickets of requests and drinks are made and supplied correctly, timely and in a nice manner, including but not limited to train tea lady, or personally provide support for important visitors or clients receiving. Meeting room daily check for all the supplies, equipment, cleaning condition.
  6. manage the daily express operation, daily and weekly check the delayed expresses, contact the receiver for delayed express to make sure express room turnover, and without food corruption in the room. Help employee to deal with the express issue occurred; monitor and support Janitor with the daily express scanning, ensure the daily express are timely scanned and inform employees to collect their express as soon as possible so that the mail room can keep clean and enough space for operation. Keep communication with express vendor, ensure materials are timely supplied, express issue are promptly solved.
  7. daily check and monitor the lost and found collected by Janitor, claiming status by owner, ensure it is fully followed company protocols, prepare the monthly disposal list for distribution.
  8. – Compliance with CBRE China audit and China’s relevant regulation
  9. etc.
  10. Monthly update the employee contacts form and provide to CM, maintain the company contact information.
Performs other duties as required by CM, maintain CBRE RHQ contact information, Vendor contact list, update to CM by monthly basis.