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Facilities Technician- EXCDRA, San Antonio Pasig

Makati , Philippines

Ref#: 20018781

Date published: 10-Aug-2020

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1. Directly report to Shift Engineer/Maintenance Leadman, Property Engineer and/or Property Manager.

2. Perform assigned day-to-day repairs, emergency and preventive maintenance. Completes maintenance and repair records as required.

3. Under the guidance of Shift Engineer/Maintenance Leadman and/or Property Engineer, responsible for the Operations, Repair and Maintenance of the following:

  • Mechanical
  • 4-units Magnetic Chiller; 800TR
  • 4-Units Condenser Water Pumps; 170HP
  • 4-Units Cooling Tower; 800TR
  • 4-Units Chilled Water Pumps; 170HP
  • 4-Units Heat Exchangers; various ratings
  • Other Air-conditioning units and equipment
  • Make-up air handling units; various capacities
  • Variable frequency drives for chilled water and condenser pumps fan coil units; various capacities
  • Split-type air-conditioning units; various capacities
  • Window-type air-conditioning units; various capacities
  • Ventilation System
  • All ventilation machines, equipment, motors and all its appurtenances
  • Machine room, traction motors, data racks and servers
  • Electrical, electronics & communications; fire, life and safety
  • Normal electrical power system (Lighting, Power, Electrical Panel Boards)
  • Emergency Electrical Power System (Gensets, Synchronizing Panels, ATS)
  • Electronics and Communications System (Assorted Call Lights, CCTV, TV Sets, PABX/ Paging System. Facsimile Machines, Clocks, Intercoms, Handheld Radio, Function Room, AVR System, UPS)
  • Fuel Storage Tanks (Day Tank, Bulk Storage, Vacuum Air System)
  • Fire, Life, and Safety System (Fire Alarm System, FDAS, FPS, Lighting Protectors)
  • High Voltage Electrical System (Distribution oil immersed transformers; various ratings, LVSG, HVSG, Tie-Breaker Pane)
  • General Services and Plumbing
  • Water Supply Distribution System 
  • Building interior and exterior
  • Carpentry; repair, fabrication and maintenance
  • Masonry; repair, replacement and maintenance
  • Painting; repair and maintenance

4. Visual inspection and checkup of t all floor common areas.

5. Daily Inspection of Substation and Generator Set room.

  • Inspection of fuel and oil level.
  • Inspection of Generator Set fuel line leakage.
  • Servicing and Inspection of Generator Set battery terminals.
  • Daily data recording of Generator Set control panel.
  • Inspection of all Substation circuit breakers.
  • Inspection of all Generator Set circuit breakers.
  • Weekly housekeeping of Generator Set room (Saturdays).
  • Weekly Generator Set test run.
  • Weekly housekeeping of Substation (Saturdays).

6. Observes pressure gauges to fix leaks; Tests pipe systems and fix leaks;

8. Repair and maintain water treatment equipment;

9. Keep records of assignments and produce detailed work reports

10. Responsible for the daily on-stream inspection of Cooling Towers, Air Handling Units, Fan Coil Units and the rest of the air-conditioning facilities as follows:

11. Daily inspection and monitoring of AHUs, Return Fans and Air-conditioning System in Equipment Rooms on all floors.

12. Daily monitoring and inspection of all common area air supply, toilet exhaust, electrical room fresh air supply, emergency stairway air supply, and comfort air conditioning system air distribution system.

13. Daily monitoring and inspection of rotating machineries, power supply circuit breakers and controls.