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Facilities Manager (Commercial)

KL , Malaysia

Ref#: 28974

Date published: 22-Aug-2019

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Facilities Management
  1. Landlord Management / coordination
    • Emergency point of contact. 
    • General services and maintenance
    • Building security & safety
    • Lease matters
    • General facilities and upkeep
  2. Office cleaning, pantry equipment, pest control and upkeep
    • Plan and manage the Preventive maintenance schedule
    • Coordinate with vendor(s) for adhoc works
    • Communicate schedule on carpet cleaning
    • Plan and management waste removal/disposal
    • Plan and coordinate data room specialist cleaning
    • Management of Office Tea Lady services 
  3. Space & Move Management
  4. Workplace Safety management
    • Conduct premises inspections
    • Schedule rectifications and improvements where required
    • Management of hazardous substances
    • Indoor air quality checks
  5. Fixed Asset management & external storage
  6. General Insurance management
  7. FM & DCM Reporting
  8. Reception management
  9. Room booking system management
  10. Procurement of office sundries & pantry supplies
  11. Management of Office Tea Lady
  12. Manage mail services, courier services, international courier services, 
  13. Manage print services
  14. Manage company car, vehicle maintenance & security, mileage monitoring, vehicle insurance and driver service
  15. Provide helpdesk support services locally - Building's overtime aircond, assignment of cards, updating guidelines of overtime aircond 
  16. Supervise & manage Facilities Management personnel
Engineering Management
  • Equipment breakdowns and repairs
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Lifecycle Maintenance
  • Incident reporting & escalations
  • Local point of contact 24/7
  • Change Management
  • Review of works documents
  • Energy management and monitoring
  • Manage facilities and engineering drawings
  • Coordinate office restack with project team
  • Manage and coordinate minor churns
  • Conduct Handover and inspections and rectifications
  • Manage Building Access Card (issuance, issues, retrieval)
  • Owner of emergency access card to access to all the rooms
  • Reconciliation of temporary cards
  • Liaise with service provider for repair and maintenance
  • Regular testing of security system 
  • Coordinate Fire evacuation drills & fire warden training
  • Liaise with landlord on security updates/issues/requirements
General Administration
  1. Contract management including sourcing, renewals. 
  2. Regular update on BIA/BCP on CRES items
  3. Procure non-IT equipment and consumables for the office according to policies and guidelines via systems with appropriate approvals.
  4. Record retention administrator 
  5. Budget and expense tracking
  6. Manage office signage
  7. Procurement and Outsourcing management matters
  8. General invoicing and payments - Verification of invoices
  9. Confidential document destruction