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Expression of Interest - Property Manager (Malate, Manila)

Malate, Manila , Philippines

Ref#: 9677249203

Date published: 8-Oct-2020

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  • Shall be positioned at the helm of our proposed property management team and will dedicate 100% of her/his time to managing the high rise, residential property
  • Overall lead during the transition period and all throughout the normal operation stage.  
  • Will function as the Property Manager, Engineer and Pollution Control Officer (PCO) of the site.
  • Ensure that all government mandated permits and licenses are renewed and up to date;
  • Comply with all notices issued by the relevant authorities and co-ordinate all inspections and testing as required by the relevant authorities.
  • Assist the Company in reviewing Construction Guidelines and House Rules for the properties or create one in its absence;
  • Attend meetings with existing or prospective tenants and licensees and provide technical information and support to reflect its property management expertise and knowledge of the Property;
  • Prepare and implement planned maintenance program for the maintenance, minor improvements, additions and alterations and repair and redecoration of the Property;
  • Carry out regular inspections of the Property to ensure that the Property is in satisfactory and serviceable condition and properly maintained up to the standards required by the relevant authorities and the Company;
  • Prepare, call and administer various tenders for the repair, maintenance and/or upgrading works, services and supplies and to advise the Company on the selection of suitable contractors or specialists and award such tenders on behalf of the Company.  In such advice and evaluation, the Property Manager must declare to the Company his interest, if any, in any of the tenderer’s companies;
  • Provide certification of completion of jobs undertaken by contractors and to make recommendation for payment thereof;
  • Provide supervision to all repairs and routine maintenance work performance by service contractors relating to building maintenance, M&E services (lift system, air-conditioning system, water supply system including pump sets, electrical distribution system and other M&E plants, equipment and systems), historical and conservancy works;
  • Maintain fire fighting equipment and fire alarms and to comply with all requirements of the Fire Services Department and generally so far as may be possible to maintain the Property safe from fire at all times. To coordinate Fire Drill from time to time as per statutory requirements;
  • Take all reasonable actions to abate any nuisance affecting the Company, the tenants and other occupiers of the Property;
  • Coordinate all consultancy works on maintenance matters performed by professional consultants;
  • Accompany the Company representative during its inspection of the Property;
  • Supervise security and cleaning personnel to ensure that they carry out their duties and responsibilities properly and efficiently;
  • Provide management including vetting of plans of all tenant’s fit-out, works and supervision and ensure that all jobs undertaken by tenants’ or licensees’ appointed contractors are carried out properly in accordance with the accepted fitting-out plan so as to comply with the Construction Guidelines and House Rules;
  • Propose to the Company from time to time for approval and implementation practical and effective cost saving initiatives including but not limited to energy efficiency, workflow and operational efficiency;
  • Propose to the Company both short term and long term improvement plan in order to better serve the Company and/or tenants or occupants of the Property and to enhance the image of the Property; 
  • Organize functions or events as approved by the Company for the benefit of the Company and the tenants or occupants of the Property and for the purpose of enhancing the general image of the Property.  These include the annual events celebration during the festive and national holidays like Christmas and New Year, Lunar New Year, National Day, etc.  All costs incurred by engaging external assistance shall, subject to prior approval of the Company;
  • Use its best endeavors to prevent any breach by the Company and/or the tenants or occupants of the Property of any of the terms and conditions of the Government Leases and/or other relevant Government Documents.
  • Bachelor's degree (BA/BS) from with at least 2-3 years of experience as Property Manager 
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills. Strong organizational and analytical skills. Ability to provide efficient, timely, reliable and courteous service to customers. Ability to effectively present information.
  • Ability to respond effectively to sensitive issues.
  • Requires advanced knowledge of financial terms and principles. Ability to calculate intermediate figures such as percentages, discounts, and commissions. Conducts advanced financial analysis.
  • Ability to comprehend, analyze, and interpret complex documents. Ability to solve problems involving several options in situations. Requires advanced analytical and quantitative skills.
  • Intermediate to advanced skills with Microsoft Office Suite
  • Willing to work on a 6-day schedule
  • Willing to be assigned in Malate, Manila