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EOI - Head of Safety & Security Research

Singapore , Singapore

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Date published: 19-May-2020

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  • Lead the establishment and management of CBRE’s SSR capability ensuring coverage of global markets.
  • Shape the Group’s SSR strategy including the development, production and timely delivery of forward-looking, business-relevant products.
  • Lead collaboration, networking and alignment across work streams and geographies to provide intelligence support to various risk owners and subject matter experts.
  • Facilitate collaboration, networking and alignment across work streams and geographies to assist in creating a cross functional intelligence picture which includes relationship building with CBRE Research, Financial Crime, Information Threat Intelligence, and Cyber Threat Intelligence.
  • Establish, maintain, and influence relationships with key senior internal and external stakeholders and risk partners / owners. Gain traction and commitment by addressing key business intelligence related needs.
  • Once established, ensure the effective application of technology, processes, and analytical techniques to maintain a high level of forward-looking, business-relevant intelligence reporting and support to all markets.

  • Establish Strategy & Capability. Establish the Group’s SSR strategy and manage the SSR capability through innovation, collaboration, alignment across work streams and high technical standards. 
  • Stakeholder Management. Manage key stakeholders and business unit leaders to ensure their familiarisation with the SSR capability. Provide analytical products which highlight relevant threats and issues to the business to help them make better informed decisions. Deepen stakeholder relationships through active consultation.
  • Intelligence Source Identification. Identify and manage information and intelligence sources to be used by the team. Lead a collaborative effort to solve new, complex or ambiguous problems by using intelligence and data. 
  • Intelligence Product Development. Work with stakeholders to develop a deep understanding of their needs, issues and priorities. Development bespoke Intelligence Products for key stakeholders and business units by maintaining a comprehensive gap analysis of intelligence requirements. Adapt products and services as the context and stakeholder needs evolve. Work with stakeholders to deliver tangibly effective intelligence. 
  • Product Delivery. Shape innovation and the flow of information and ideas across teams and work streams to ensure timely delivery of forward-looking, business-relevant products capable of concisely conveying the expected business impact of a range of security threats, including Terrorism, Civil Unrest, protest and activism, Political instability, Physical crime including  kidnap, Strikes, War.
  • Threat Forecasting. Lead pro-active monitoring and reporting within pre-defined parameters to identify triggers for potential incidents and crisis events which will help the business make informed risk mitigation decisions.
  • Internal Liaison. Facilitate collaboration and information sharing with regional Security Operations Centres and other threat intelligence and research teams to assist with the provision of round the clock vigilance, timely communication and 24/7/365 support to key stakeholders.
  • External Liaison. Lead and influence high level liaison with Government, Law Enforcement and Industry bodies to ensure relationships are maintained, and relevant threat information is shared with business risk owners.
  • Crisis Management Support. Manage liaison with resilience teams to ensure support and collaboration on areas of shared interest, including designing crisis management exercises and post-incident reviews around political instability, war, terrorism and other issues. 
  • Vendor Management & Procurement Guidance.  Manage all Group funded external vendor contracts relating to Protective Intelligence. Provide technical expertise and professional guidance to other functions or Regions / Countries considering procuring new vendor systems which have an Intelligence capability. 

  • At least 10 years’ experience in the Intelligence field within Government, Corporate sector, Military or Police  essential.
  • At least five years’ experience  working in High and Extreme Risk environments essential.
  • At least five years’ experience managing teams is essential.
  • A related degree / diploma or other professional Intelligence, Political, Military, Diplomatic or Analytical qualifications or certifications is essential. 
  • Recognition and understanding of cultural, organisational, and systematic changes in businesses and tailoring delivery of Intelligence products to meet them is essential.
  • Very strong analytical mind, excellent English verbal and written language skills and ability to write concisely is essential.
  • Ability to proof read, edit and rewrite draft intelligence products, summaries, and business proposals is essential.