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Critical Facility Manager

Wulanchabu , Mainland China

Ref#: 9677247154

Date published: 16-Jan-2020

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1. Manage and develop a professional relationship with client representatives at the data centre to create a positive customer experience.
2. To deliver a performance level which achieves and beats the KPI’s and SLA’s set down in the SOW with client  . 
3. Full financial responsibility for the contracted budget spend for the data centre. 
4. Responsible for tracking PO and headcount information for monthly billing. 
5. Preparation and ownership of monthly forecasting for billing and budget spend for the data centre. 
6. Responsible for the preparation of the site data required for monthly reports and meetings for the site: Monthly Supplier Contract reviews,(MBR), Quarterly Business Reviews (QBR) and any other reports as required. 
7. Assist in the drive for consistency across the site in how activities are managed. Ensure that one approach is adhered to for the site. Promote collaboration and co-operation of efforts from Supplier teams across the site. 
8. Provision of leadership and guidance, advice, coaching and direct support, where required to Supplier employees at the data centre, including training, assessment, recognition/reward and appraisal system. 
9. To motivate and develop the Supplier team at the data centre and to ensure that the culture and standards are consistent with the culture and standards established by Supplier.
10. To audit and monitor the team’s efficiency and to develop efficiencies and innovations that benefit  client  and Supplier. 
11. Deliver effective business communication through advice, review, leadership and direct contribution to management and team meetings, briefings, consultation forums, correspondence, publicity, monthly and ad-hoc reporting and other publications, as appropriate. 
12. Provide a learning environment, and appropriate training and development planning. Ensure basic training needs are delivered, employees are fully competent to undertake their roles, and are able to reach their full future potential. 
13. Talent manage staff to ensure an appropriate training plan and career progression is identified. 
14. Effectively lead management related activities including regular management meetings; development of operational procedures; fostering of good relationships with client; providing services of the highest standards. 
15. Manage annual maintenance service contracts within budgets. Produce site related financial activity and other statistical information and reports as requested. To provide input into regular management reports. 
16. Be the point of contact during significant events or multi-discipline technical escalations occurring within the specified site. 
17. As necessary, participate in any business continuity plans. 
18. Ensure data centre operations and business policies and processes are effectively communicated, implemented and adhered to within the contract. 
19. Ensure the provision of healthy and safe working conditions and that both client  and Supplier’s, Quality, Health Safety and Environment policies and processes are effectively implemented across both Supplier and subcontractors’ activities and are regularly reviewed.
20. Ensure optimum staffing structures are in place in the teams, balancing cost reduction with the delivery of service excellence. Ensure structures support peaks and troughs in workload, and disaster recovery. 
21. Ensure post holders are fully competent, and that effective succession planning arrangements are in place, monitoring staff retention rates and ensuring staff training & development plans are produced and implemented. 
22. Ensure appropriate control systems are in place to ensure statutory, policy and contractual commitments are met. 
23. Ensure a customer focus within all areas of operational activities, and that effective relationships are maintained with key client representatives. Ensuring contractually agreed SLA’s and KPI’s within the Scope of Works (SOW) are met and necessary record retention demonstrating adherence. 
24. Plan and schedule all maintenance subcontractors works and repairs. Ensure all accounts and documentation associated with these subcontractors are current and up to date. 
25. Ensure all subcontractors deliver a quality and competent service and that all contractual obligations are met.
26. Reach out to and liaise with global peers to ensure consistency and compliance with  client  standards and best practice. 
27. Manage and deliver repairs and project works, as required, within the data centre. 
28. Promote and maintain the core Values of  client  / Supplier. 
29. Ensure the professional image of client   / Supplier is presented at all times. 
30. Provide  client and internal presentations via board room meeting format with the aid of suitable visual aids (e.g. Keynote). All presentations to be delivered using client  technology.
31. Manage other tasks as directed by the senior management team.