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Business Analyst

Bangsar South , Malaysia

Ref#: 21003898

Date published: 3-Feb-2021

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    We are looking for a Business Analyst to join our team for a Fortune 200 company. The ideal candidate is highly motivated to constantly learn and solve problems, and will help our team provide actionable insights and data-driven recommendations for our business. We are seeking a proactive and customer service-oriented individual with excellent communication skills; this person works well with both systems and people in a fast-paced environment. If you can contribute the right combination of analysis and optimistic problem solving, we are looking for you to join this incredible team!

Essential duties and responsibilities include the following:

• Aggregate data from multiple sources, conduct analysis, and create dashboards and reports.
• Document processes and procedures, develop effective and user-friendly training materials, and provide technical support and training to others.
• Test and validate data and dashboards.
• Other duties and responsibilities as assigned.

Power BI
• Refresh and republish existing dashboards monthly.
•Build and prototype new dashboards.
•Use Power BI for troubleshooting to look for missing or problematic data.
• Help update and organize user access/permissions.

• Refresh existing dashboards monthly.
• Data preparation for analysis.
• Troubleshooting.

• Refresh existing dashboards and lookup tables monthly.
• Data preparation for analysis.
• Restructure/Reformat raw data to feed Alteryx/Tableau.
• Data analysis.

• Make screenshots of the dashboard and create an optimized PDF document or PPT presentation

Enterprise Systems
• Some work with OBIEE as a user may be involved, including extracting data from OBIEE or using existing OBIEE dashboards to find and analyze information (not programming).
• Some work with Cognos/TM1 as a user may be involved including pulling data from TM1 or validating/checking dashboard data against TM1 (not programming).

• Validate data and do general QA and testing on the dashboards.
• Research for clients, geocoding data for new locations, etc.
• Analyze reports and dashboards to look for trends/patterns/insight and provide summaries/screenshots.

The ideal candidate should be reliable, have great attention to detail, and meet these qualifications:

• Must possess min Diploma or Degree in relevant field
• Strong proficiency with Microsoft Power BI
• Strong proficiency with Microsoft Excel
• Familiarity with Alteryx
• Familiarity with Tableau
• Experience using OBIEE front end (not programming)
• Experience using Cognos TM1 front end (not programming)
• Ability to navigate large data sets and analyze data, to identify patterns and uncover actionable insights/trends.
• Ability to translate questions and business requirements into technical requirements, reports, views, and BI query objects in order to develop BI dashboards, reports, and scorecards.

Communication skills 
• Effective, timely, and reliable written and verbal communication skills.
• Strong customer service, organization and time management skills. Ability to work well both independently and with others under pressure / tight deadlines.
• Strong focus on the big picture of the business and our greater team goals. Ability to effectively communicate and explain complex system and accounting issues to non-technical users.
• Excellent listening skills and ability to follow instructions and pay attention to details. Friendly and approachable, positive and open minded. Patience and flexibility to work in a dynamic and iterative environment.
• Proactive approach to problem solving and helping others. Team player with strong work ethic and a focus on constant improvement.