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Automation Tester

Gurgaon , India

Ref#: 19030971

Date published: 22-Aug-2019

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Automation/QA Engineer (Experience- 3-6.5 years, Location- Gurgaon

Must have Skills- Automation Tester, Selenium with C#, Spec flow.

Experience in tools like Selenium, C#,  Specflow , BDD.

·      Good understanding  or page object model (.Net C#)

·       Spec-flow BDD scenario creation (step definition, Hooks) (.Net C#)

·       Good understanding of inheritance and dependency injection within classes/methods (.Net C#)

·       Assertions of test results (i.e. fluentAssertions with Webdriver (.Net C#)

·       Git hub commands knowledge (i.e. good understanding of stash/pull/push/pop/commit/checkout and how to create & merge new branch with command line) 

·       Best practices to write robust automation scripts (i.e. no code duplication but rather re-using existing methods) (.Net C#)