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Automation Tester

Gurgaon , India

Ref#: 19022816

Date published: 5-Aug-2019

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Role:Automation/QA Engineer
Experience:3-10 years

As the QA/Tester for I.T. you will play a key role in the development team’s testing and release strategy for the company’s information technology solutions.  This includes the promotion of rigorous system testing, regression testing, creation of user test plans and monitoring of all testing through the various stages of development to software release. The aim of this position is to increase the robustness of our applications through better adherence to compliance requirements and I.T. best practice.

Your skills in attention to detail and ability to handle multiple testing tasks concurrently, whilst working with minimal oversight, will enable you to thrive in our development environment.  Your ability to work with our technical development team and liaise with test teams in the user community will be critical to your success in this role
Required Knowledge & Skills:

Must have Skills- Automation Tester, Selenium, C#, Spec flow.   

Experience in tools like Selenium, C#,  Specflow ,

knowledge cucumber & test NG.

Good understanding  or page object model (.Net C#)

Spec-flow BDD scenario creation (step definition, Hooks) (.Net C#)

Good understanding of inheritance and dependency injection within classes/methods (.Net C#)

Assertions of test results (i.e. fluentAssertions with Webdriver (.Net C#)

Git hub commands knowledge (i.e. good understanding of stash/pull/push/pop/commit/checkout and how to create & merge new branch with command line) 

Best practices to write robust automation scripts (i.e. no code duplication but rather re-using existing methods) (.Net C#)

Monitoring the entire test/release process and ensuring that all quality assurance and compliance requirements are followed.