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Analyst, Safety and Security Research

Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia

Ref#: 9677248208

Date published: 1-Aug-2020

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  • The Safety & Security Research (SSR) team provides succinct, forward-looking, business-relevant analysis on security threats to client operations. The SSR team is looking to expand with additional analytical and leadership roles as part of new service offering within CBRE. The team’s primary focus remains physical security threats to business operations, including terrorism, crime, unrest, political instability, infectious disease, natural disasters, and activism. SSR analysis enables better decision making amongst clients, including on business-critical issues such as domestic and international travel.

  • Responsible for the timely delivery of succinct, forward looking, and business relevant intelligence products.
  • Ensure effective and timely support to Regional Security Managers and Country Security Managers.
  • Assist in the product development process with key stakeholders and the cyclical review of existing product to assess usefulness, relevance and best practice.


  • Stakeholder Familiarization. Assist Head of SSR with key stakeholder and business unit familiarization with the value of being intelligence led.
  • Product Development. Assist Team Leader and Head of SSR with the development of bespoke products for key stakeholders and business unit.
  • Source Identification. Proactively identify and develop new information and intelligence sources.
  • Product Delivery. Supervise the team to ensure timely delivery of all products and services to the Head of SSR for review. Products may include:
    • Travel Security Reports.
    • Executive Protection Reports.
    • Crime, civil unrest and political stability forecasting.
    • Trend Identification Analysis and Reports.
    • Post Incident Reports.
    • Spot Reports.
    • Sub Speciality Analysis and Reporting.
  • Scenario Gaming. Assess key regional geopolitical stress points/crisis to determine probability and impact to customers and stakeholders.
  • Forecasting. Pro-active monitoring and reporting of defined parameters to identify triggers for incidents and crisis events.
  • Security Operation Centre Liaison. Work closely with Regional Security Operation Centres to facilitate around the clock vigilance and timely communication of potential incidents, events and crises.
  • Crisis Support. Effective communication of developing crisis events to all stakeholders. Intelligence gathering from various sources to authenticate information and feed into operational plans. Help draft Intelligence updates for dissemination of info to a wider audience. Participate in post crisis de-briefing sessions to learn best practices.
  • Minimum of 1-2 years of analytical experience is essential in at least three of the following areas, ideally for a multinational corporate organisation:
    • Terrorism (national and transnational)
    • War & Civil War
    • Crime 
    • Activism Threats
    • Social Media Monitoring
    • Natural Disasters and Pandemics
    • Travel Security
    • Strikes, Riots, Civil Commotion
  • Must be proactive, outgoing, driven and capable of learning and working independently with minimal supervision.
  • Must have excellent written and verbal communication skills, capable of reducing complex and ambiguous situations to succinct, forward-looking, and business-relevant analysis.
  • Confident approach to networking and relationship development with closed sources, customers, and other team members.
  • A proven strong interest in any of the following geographical areas is high desirable;
    • Africa, Middle East & Pakistan
    • Southeast Asia
    • South Asia (inc. Nepal, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka)
  • Intelligence Analysis experience in Cyber and Information Security risks and threats is highly desirable. 

  • Must hold a related degree / diploma or other professional Intelligence, Political, Military, Diplomatic or analytical qualifications or certifications.
  • Master’s Degree in International Relations, Political Science, Terrorism, Conflict or NGO-related subject highly desirable but not essential.
  • Recognition and understanding of cultural, organisational, and systematic changes in businesses and tailoring delivery of Intelligence products to meet them is essential.
  • Must have strong analytical mind, excellent English language skills and ability to write concise, forward-looking, and business-relevant reports and executive summaries.
  • A global network of information sources is highly desirable, including in law enforcement, government, and/or journalism.
  • The ability to assist in the management of Intelligence across functional and geographical boundaries especially under the complexity of a matrix organisation is essential.
  • Must be able to make decisions and give professional advice where the evidence available to form a judgement is inadequate or incomplete.