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Wulanchabu , Mainland China

Ref#: 9677247185

Date published: 16-Jan-2020

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1.Develop a variety of environmental /soft services management-related policies, responsible for reception, cleaning, landscaping, green plants, pest control and other services
2.Planning, mentoring, reviewing and monitoring operational performance, managing internal teams and external suppliers
3.Resolves problems in field operations, maintaining timely and effective communication with customers, including regular written and oral reports
4.Establishes an efficient operation team, communicates with the team business philosophy, operational objectives
5.Executes management requirements and submit plan report
6.Accountable for single site other region management.
7.Responsible for the formulation and implementation of environmental and risk management policies

Required Knowledge and Skills:

1.Bachelor degree, with relevant experience in soft services or facility management;
2.More than 3 years’ experience in large organization, at least 2 years’ experience in team management;
3.Familiar with the multiple environmental management practices and legal knowledge;
4.Experience in the region team management
5.Strong experience in the stakeholder communications, team engagement and client’s alignment.
6.Good interpersonal skills, and team leadership skills