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倒班技术员- 亦庄

Beijing , Mainland China

Ref#: 20025537

Date published: 27-Oct-2020

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  • Daily operationinspection of electricity system配电系统日常运行、巡检
  • Operation and maintenance of high and low voltage equipment  高低压设备停电操作、维护
  • Key Proprity Equipment & Facilities inspection关键物业设备设施巡检
  • Draft repair record, inspection record完善维修记录、巡视记录
  • Emergency repair and response 应急维修&应急响应
  • Make rationalization suggestions for equipment and facilities maintenance and maintenance对设备设施维修、维保提出合理化建议
  • Sparts inventory & management备件管理、盘点
  • Other facility operation and repair related其他设施维修、运行相关