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Zhoushan , Mainland China

Ref#: 20024144

Date published: 10-Oct-2020

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1.         负责消防应急响应计划的修订和完善Emergency planning

2.      负责消防系统检查和维护Fire and life safety inspections and corrective action

3.      负责消防知识的培训Employee training and education

4.      负责消防系统验证性测试Fixed fire protection system confidence testing

5.       协助填写、管理厂区消防管理台账Firefightingsystemdocument

6.       参与厂区消防安全巡检,协助厂区防火工作开展Fire prevention patrol and check

7.       对突发的消防安全事件应急响应,防止事件恶化 Emergencyresponse

8. 领导交办的其他安全消防相关事务 Other fire prevention related


1.     取得建(构)筑物中级消防员或以上等级证书Middle class or above certificationof Building fireman

2.     能读懂建筑消防系统图capabilityto understand drawing of fire prevention system

3.     会使用电脑office办公软件familiar with Microsoft office